"I was going to beat his a**" - Jake Roberts reveals how he squashed beef with a WWE Hall of Famer

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts.
Jake 'The Snake' Roberts.

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts was part of the recent Dark Side of the Ring episode, which revolved around WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior.

The AEW manager spoke about his past issues with The Ultimate Warrior and how he had planned on beating up the controversial legend at the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

The issues between Roberts and Warrior date back to several years ago when Jake 'The Snake' was reportedly in line to win the WWE Championship. However, for Roberts to win his first world title in the WWE, The Ultimate Warrior had to agree to lose the belt.

Roberts did talk to Warrior about dropping the WWE title, and he got a negative response. Ultimate Warrior reportedly told Roberts that he didn't care about anyone, and 'The Snake' walked away from the incident with ill feelings about the champion.

Roberts and Warrior were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014, and Roberts was ready with "a roll of quarters" to beat up Warrior that night.

The Ultimate Warrior apologized to Jake 'The Snake' Roberts at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony


Jake Roberts recalled what happened backstage during the 2014 Hall of Fame ceremony. The Ultimate Warrior was heavily guarded, and Roberts waited for the perfect opportunity to make his move.

However, much to his surprise, The Ultimate Warrior approached him with a heartfelt apology. Roberts noted that Warrior was remorseful about his past actions and said that he'd changed as a person.

Warrior's apology "disarmed" Roberts, and the whole interaction turned out to be a lesson for the current AEW personality.

"I had a roll of quarters in my pocket, and I was going to beat his a**. And I'm waiting on him, looking for him, of course, Warrior being Warrior they had him in a private area and security guards and all that. I had to wait, and I had to wait, and I had to wait, and I'm boiling, I'm boiling, I'm boiling. And then, all of a sudden, somebody tapped me on the back. Turned around, and it was Warrior. He put his hands up and said, 'Please, just let me do this. I need to apologize to you and your family. That's who I was then, but that wasn't me. But if it means anything, just know that I'm sorry.' He disarmed me. Another lesson in life, man, that's what I got. A lesson," said Jake Roberts. H/t: ITRWrestling

The Ultimate Warrior passed away due to a heart attack in April 2014, merely days after his WWE Hall of Fame induction.

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