EC3 recalls working with released controversial WWE star (Exclusive)

EC3 won the 24/7 title four times during his WWE run
EC3 won the 24/7 title four times during his WWE run

Former WWE star EC3 recently spoke about what it was like working with released superstar Jaxson Ryker.

EC3 worked with Ryker for a considerable period during his time in IMPACT and NXT. The two stars were released by WWE in 2020 and 2021, respectively. Ryker, however, was surrounded by controversy due to some of his tweets about Donald Trump and other social issues.

On the latest episode of The Wrestling Outlaws, the Control Your Narrative star praised Ryker's work ethic. He mentioned that the 40-year-old was a consummate professional and did a great service to his country and his people.

"I worked with him both in NXT and IMPACT. Consummate, solid professional. Hard-working family man who sacrificed greatly for the country. In retrospect, serving the country, going through tough times and hell, overcoming the demons that he did have to become the family man that he loves being and respects being," said EC3.

EC3 suggested that Jaxson would have been a much bigger draw in wrestling if he added more dimensions to his character rather than being a big, brawny brawler.

"If he could characterize and pick up something different, and stop being a bug-eyed big tough guy, I think there’s a lot more to him from a character standpoint. That’s maybe why he lives his life the way he does now. But I have no ill will or bad things to say about working with him as a human being and professional wrestler." [From 6:35 – 7:30]

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Former WWE writer Vince Russo also praised Jaxson Ryker

During the latest episode of The Wrestling Outlaws, former WWE head writer Vince Russo also spoke in favor of Ryker's work ethic and good attitude owing to his military background.

"Bro, I loved the dude [Jaxson Ryker]. I loved him. I was his biggest fan. You know why? He had that military discipline. Like everything was, 'Yes sir, no sir.' Never stepped out of line, never had an ego, never was trouble."

Russo worked with him in IMPACT and detailed that he would have loved to see Ryker in a gimmick like Rambo.

Ryker made his TNA debut in 2010 and also won the Television Championship and the Tag Team Championship with IMPACT Wrestling.

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