Former champion lost his memory on live TV after a devastating chair shot from WWE CCO Triple H

Triple H is now the Chief Content Officer of WWE
Triple H is now the Chief Content Officer of WWE

A former Intercontinental Champion allegedly lost his memory after receiving a devastating chair shot to the head from the current WWE CCO Triple H.

Over the past decade and a half, The Game has shared the ring with several superstars. One of these wrestlers was Val Venis. In November 2005, the two superstars squared off in their only singles match on Monday Night RAW. The bout ended in Venis' victory via disqualification after Triple H hit him with a steel chair on the head.

Speaking to Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Venis disclosed that Triple H's chair shot was the hardest he had ever received, causing him temporary memory loss on live television:

"When I came around and he caught me with that chair, it was one of those things where I don't remember anything when my eyes opened up for the first few seconds all I could see are lights, people, and a wrestling ring on one side of me. And I don't know what my own name is. I don't know why I'm there. I don't know what I'm supposed to do for about what seemed like forever, but it was only about two-three seconds," he said. (0:55 - 1:22)

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The former WWE Intercontinental Champion felt scared after Triple H's chair shot

After a devastating chair shot, Val Venis continued the segment with Triple H. The Game brought the former Intercontinental Champion back into the ring before hitting him with a pedigree.

During same interview, the 51-year-old further described his feelings at the time between receiving the chair shot and coming back to his senses:

"All of a sudden your marbles come back together and you're like, 'oh yeah, I'm still in a wrestling match. I gotta finish this up now because even though he got DQed he's gonna pull me back in the ring and give me the pedigree. But those first few seconds when you open your eyes and you come to and you don't know who you are, you don't know what you're doing, I'm not gonna lie man, that's a scary scary thing. Like when you become frightened, that's what I felt. I felt like a child for those first few seconds," he added. (1:24 - 1:51)

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