"I don't look like a girl when I tackle people" - Goldberg seemingly takes a shot at current megastar

Goldberg is a former Universal Champion
Goldberg is a former Universal Champion

Goldberg is one of the top WWE superstars even today. At 55, he is still active, even though not in the capacity he once was. The WWE Hall of Famer recently stated that he disagrees with Roman Reigns on not hitting an opponent hard inside the ring.

The former WCW star is known for his brash in-ring style and hard-hitting offense. Over the years, he has been criticized for being stiff inside the ring by a few of his opponents. However, Goldberg still believes there is nothing wrong with landing powerful moves as long as it doesn't injure the opponent.

Speaking on the Roman Atwood podcast, Goldberg spoke about his Destroyer gimmick in WCW and revealed how it started. The Hall of Famer said that after he 'ran over' an opponent of his, he was told the same thing each week.

The Icon also said that there is no harm in hitting opponents for real as long as they don't get hurt.

''I'll just be honest, Roman said how stupid it is to go out and hit people hard. Well, if you hit people hard and not hurt them, blur that line, I think it's pretty smart. Plus, I don't look like a , no offense, girl when I tackle people,'' said Goldberg. [From 1:11:30 to 1:12:24]

Who could Goldberg face next?

There had been a lot of speculation that the 55-year-old would return for another match at Crown Jewel next month.

However, it does not seem to be happening. The WWE Hall of Famer recently revealed that he still has two months left on his contract, so it is likely that he will have another match in the company soon.

WWE should do this match again but this time Bray Wyatt should squash Goldberg in a 3 seconds,Then the revenge will be completed‼️

His last match was against WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The two men faced each other at the Elimination Chamber in February this year.

The Myth was unable to defeat The Tribal Chief. With two months still left on his contract, it is possible that the legend might try to get one more shot at the WWE Universal title.

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