"I’m still shaking" - 38-year-old wants to "kick" Dominik Mysterio's a** after confronting him on WWE RAW, sends message to Randy Orton

Randy Orton was victorious over Dominik Mysterio on RAW
Randy Orton was victorious over Dominik Mysterio on RAW

Dominik Mysterio was in action on this week's Monday Night RAW as he faced Randy Orton in a singles match.

Midway through the match, Mysterio was shoved by Jelly Roll, who came to Orton's aid. The Viper eventually secured the victory despite interference from JD McDonagh.

Speaking in a WWE RAW Exclusive, Jelly Roll opened up about his assist to Orton. He stated that he had to step up for the multi-time WWE World Champion.

“It was awesome because Randy Orton’s the reason I came here tonight. Randy Orton was returning, it was my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. I said, ‘Whatever it takes, we gotta be at the building.’ I just feel like I was backing my boy. Dude, I’m still shaking. When I stood up and everybody cheered, I was like, ‘I’m doing the right thing. I’m not wrong here.’ I just went for it. It was awesome," said Jelly Roll. [H/T: Fightful]

Jelly Roll further claimed that he would gladly kick Dominik's a**.

“I hate to be this guy, but I feel like there’s a little unfinished business now. It makes me want to go lose a little weight and kick Dominik Mysterio’s a**," Jelly Roll added.

Triple H opened up about Randy Orton's return following Survivor Series

The Viper made his return after being sidelined for more than a year due to a severe back injury.

Speaking on the Survivor Series post-show press conference, The Game said:

"So incredibly proud of him where he is not only as a performer but as a man, as a father, as a human being, just incredibly proud of Randy Orton. When you have the kind of injury that he had where things were touch and go... I've been there where they tell you, 'You might never do this again.'"

He added:

"That's a rough experience. To be able to fight back what he went through, to be able to do what he had done and come back here tonight and have the moment that he had was just awesome."

It remains to be seen if WWE will continue Orton's feud with The Judgment Day.

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