Triple H says he is proud of former world champion after much-awaited return at WWE Survivor Series: WarGames

Triple H was all praise for the returning star after WWE Survivor Series
Triple H is WWE's Chief Content Officer

Triple H spoke to the media at the press conference right after an absolutely incredible WWE Survivor Series. While CM Punk's shocking arrival grabbed the headlines, 14-time World Champion Randy Orton also made his massive return on the show.

Orton had been out for over a year and a half due to a back injury before returning during the men's WarGames match. The Viper's return helped the babyfaces clinch the victory against The Judgment Day and Drew McIntyre.

At the press conference after the event, Triple H was all praise for The Apex Predator. The Game mentioned how proud he was of Orton after what he had gone through with the long-term injury.

"So incredibly proud of him where he is not only as a performer but as a man, as a father, as a human being, just incredibly proud of Randy Orton. When you have the kind of injury that he had where things were touch and go (...) I've been there where they tell you you might never do this again."


WWE's Chief Content Officer added:

"That's a rough experience. To be able to fight back what he went through, to be able to do what he had done and come back here tonight and have the moment that he had was just awesome."

After a night that saw some incredible in-ring action, it'll be interesting to witness how the company's landscape will change in the coming weeks.

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