"I would take Mysterio Jr. and his daughter hostage" - Former NXT Champion reveals an interesting pitched angle

Aalyah Mysterio (left); Rey Mysterio and Dominik (right)
Aalyah Mysterio (left); Rey Mysterio and Dominik (right)
Vatsal Rathod

Rey Mysterio and the entire Mysterio family angle was one of the major storylines on WWE TV last year. What started with Rey and his son Dominik soon evolved into a program where Aalyah was involved in an on-screen relationship with former WWE Superstar Murphy.

During his recent Twitch stream, recently released star Aleister Black revealed some interesting ideas he pitched for his character. He stated that, after his feud with Kevin Owens, Black wanted an angle where he would hold Dominik and Aalyah hostage to make Rey feel his pain. The former NXT Champion claimed that his character could have endlessly blamed people for everything that he had to suffer.

"The good thing about this character was that he could've endlessly blamed people," said Black. "He would start with Kevin Owens, because Kevin Owens wasn't there for him. After Kevin Owens, I wanted him to go to Rey Mysterio and then Rey Mysterio Junior. While actually the other way around, I wanted to like kinda work an angle where I would take Mysterio Junior and his daughter hostage and kind of make him feel the way he made me feel by abandoning me."
" And after I would've beaten them, I would've gone to like Buddy [Murphy] because Buddy was the one who took my eye out, but then you would think we would be redeemed, but no because he can't get fulfillment on it," Black continued. "He can not get fulfillment on it because he refuses to take responsibility for the fact that he chose to be the punching bag. He chose to run out and help people because of his like moral code that he felt that he did so much wrong as that first character that he had to like save people in order to make his karma better."

Unfortunately for Black and his fans, these plans never saw the light of day. After his feud with Owens, the former NXT Champion disappeared from TV for several months.

The involvement of Aleister Black in the Mysterio-Rollins feud

Murphy severely injured Aleister Black
Murphy severely injured Aleister Black's eye on RAW last year

Aleister Black was a side character in the early stages of the feud between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio, as he helped the latter on multiple occasions. After Rollins injured Mysterio's eye in their infamous "Eye for an Eye" match last year, Black started a feud with "The Monday Night Messiah."

On an episode of RAW in July 2020, at the orders of Seth Rollins, Murphy drove Black's eye into the side of the steep steps and injured him. One month later, Black returned, wearing an eye bandage, during The Kevin Owens Show. He then turned heel by attacking the host. After he feuded with Owens for a while, Black disappeared from WWE TV.

He briefly returned last month with a new persona, but he was surprisingly released from WWE this week.

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