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"I've been in enough caskets" - Former tag team champion shares his experience wrestling The Undertaker in WWE

The Undertaker
The Undertaker
Modified 03 Apr 2021

Former WWE and WCW star Bryan Clark recently opened up about his experience wrestling The Undertaker. Clark also discussed his brutal road schedule in the '90s.

Bryan Clark had runs in both WWE and WCW during his career. He had a memorable run in WWE as Adam Bomb before winning tag team gold in WCW as part of Kronik with Brian Adams. Clark and Adams also had a brief run in WWE in 2001.

Former WCW Tag Team Champion Bryan Clark was recently interviewed on Pro Wrestling Defined's YouTube channel. The former WWE star was asked about his experiences wrestling The Undertaker. Clark revealed that he had a number of casked matches with The Deadman in WWE:

"I have been in so many casket matches, people have no idea. They think maybe it was only a couple. I did European tours... I did an interview with the wrestling merch guys and told them that i did ten tours of Europe in one year. They were like, that's crazy. I'm like, yeah I know. I would go for a 10-11-12 day loop in Europe and come back and do another loop in the states."
"Back to the question about The Undertaker, we worked a lot. I mean, a lot of house shows, a lot of casket matches, I've been in enough caskets, let me put it that way."

Former WWE and WCW star Bryan Clark on the brutal road schedule he had in the 90s

Bryan Clark also spoke about the brutal schedule he had during the 90's which saw him wrestling between 280 to 290 nights a year. Clark also revealed how such a schedule was both a boon and a big issue at the same time:

"Crazy or brutal or both. 280 to 290 days of the year plus appearances, plus just the travel. I mean, it was like a meat grinder. I survived it and some guys didn't survive it. Nice way to put it but I mean, it's just too much, working that much. I mean, yeah it's great you get a ton of experience, the wrestler gets to experience some of the world, in my case a lot of the world but that schedule itself, your body just does not have time to recover. You get a lot of injuries that pile up and accumulate like with me, even after my career and down the line. You just put your body through a lot. People have no idea."

During the interview, Bryan Clark also discussed canceled plans for a match against Goldberg. You can check that out HERE.

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Published 03 Apr 2021, 21:25 IST
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