"I will never ever come back there" - Ex-WWE star details issues with Triple H

WWE CCO Triple H [Image source: wwe.com]
WWE CCO Triple H [Image source: wwe.com]

Triple H has been at the helm of affairs at WWE for a while after he brought in a new regime. Recently, former Intercontinental Champion Ryback spoke about The King of Kings and detailed their issues.

Ryback spent years with the Stamford-based company before his eventual release. However, The Big Guy had issues with the management in the past, and Triple H's new regime was looking forward to repairing the burnt bridge between the two parties.

Speaking on Ryback TV, the star detailed the issues he had with Triple H after the new management and the star were nearing a legal battle over the trademark for his name. The Big Guy stated that Triple H refused to sit down with him when he wanted them to take responsibility for their actions.

"The new management would like to try to repair the relationship. They were going to give me the trademark when they realized I wasn't going to run out of money and that they knew they got caught lying to the US PTO on multiple things. They knew I was going to end up winning the trademark in the end, and they did not want that to go public," said Ryback. (From 0:25 to 0:40)

Ryback claims the company agreed to almost every term but he didn't want to return to the company unless they did the right thing.

"I sent Hunter a long message and just told him exactly how I felt about everything and I said, 'You have to be a man and be willing to sit down and acknowledge the past and the mistakes you guys made on things (...) I will never ever come back there unless you guys do the right thing,'" said Ryback. (From 1:34 to 2:00)

At the beginning of 2023, Ryback won the trademark.

Triple H made an appearance during WWE King & Queen of the Ring 2024

Triple H's new WWE regime revived the gimmick match for both divisions in the company for the first time in a while. The premium live event took place in Saudi Arabia, and the winners of the King and Queen of the Ring tournaments got a guaranteed shot at the champions of their brands.

Randy Orton, Gunther, Nia Jax, and Lyra Valkyria made it to the finals from their respective brackets on WWE's main roster. The stakes were high for the two stars who would prevail at WWE King & Queen of the Ring 2024.

Gunther and Nia Jax became the King and Queen of the Ring 2024, respectively, to get a title shot at the World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Women's Championship at SummerSlam 2024.

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