Immediate behind-the-scenes reaction to Uncle Howdy taking over WWE show; horrifying move

The star has now started to take over WWE shows (Credit: WWE, YouTube)
The star has now started to take over WWE shows (Credit: WWE on Instagram, YouTube)

Uncle Howdy took over a WWE show this week, making this the most audacious and horrifying move by the mysterious star since his QR Codes started showing up in recent months. Now, the behind-the-scenes reactions of the moment have been posted for fans to see.

On WWE RAW this week, a QR Code appeared that said, "See you tonight," among other things. Fans were ready for Uncle Howdy to return after months of teasing finally, but for the rest of the show, there was no sign of him. Instead, fans had to wait until RAW went off the air to find out what happened next.

After RAW was done, the usual RAW Talk intro was going to play before the show started. Instead of the usual intro, it glitched, and creepy music began to play, followed by it being taken over entirely on the screen. A horrifying message showed up from Uncle Howdy, warning that a massacre was coming and that things were going to be set right.

After the message was over and RAW Talk was finally allowed to start, Megan Morant and Sam Roberts looked frantic and confused about what had happened.

Now, the behind-the-scenes footage of their reaction has been released. They were both legitimately freaked out as they could not believe what they were seeing, and while they tried to maintain their composure in front of the camera, their eyes told the whole story.

Fans can watch the video below.

The star taking over the entire production of the intro left both Roberts and Morant horrified. It showcased the power the star has already accumulated, given in the past he was only able to show small hints and clues in glitches that were there and gone again. The increasing influence of Howdy has since left fans talking.

Uncle Howdy's arrival is much anticipated in WWE

For the last few months, WWE TV has been experiencing regular glitches and QR codes. Even the company has started acknowledging this abnormality.

The rumored Wyatt 6 faction has yet to debut, and it's not clear whether Uncle Howdy will appear at Clash at the Castle, but that seems to be the assumption now.

Until then, fans will have to wait to see if he takes over any other WWE shows.

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