Incredible finish to steel cage match as Becky Lynch vs Trish Stratus feud finally ends at Payback 2023

It was a match of the year candidate to kick things off
It was a match of the year candidate to kick things off

After nearly five months, the feud between Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus has officially come to an end. In a steel cage match, which was by far one of the best of Stratus' career, only one could walk out victorious, and that's indeed what happened at Pittsburgh.

The entire purpose of the steel cage match was to ensure that Zoey Stark couldn't interfere like she always does. However, that didn't stop her from entering anyway after the cage door was opened, even leading to one moment where Stratus was being stretched as Becky Lynch was pulling her inside the cage and Stark was pulling her from outside the structure.

However, after a manhandle slam to Stark and then to Trish Stratus from the top, Becky Lynch officially defeated the WWE Hall of Famer to end their feud.

While the rivalry may not have been as enticing at times as fans might have hoped, Trish Stratus' return feud ended in the best way possible, with an incredible match and Lynch winning.

Zoey Stark was slapped by the legend at the end of the bout as they had a fallout, and she was done thanking Trish, taking her out with a Z360 to end their alliance.

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