"Insane and perplexing" - Former champion on losing his push in WWE after facing Jon Moxley (fka Dean Ambrose) (Exclusive)

Former AEW Champion Moxley spent eight successful years in WWE.
Former AEW Champion Moxley spent eight successful years in WWE

The latest episode of Sportskeeda's Wrestling Outlaws revolved around WWE stars who unfortunately found themselves in Vince McMahon's bad books. During the show, EC3 opened up about how his main roster run went awry after his brief feud with Jon Moxley (fka Dean Ambrose in WWE).

In case you'd forgotten, the former Shield member worked a few matches with EC3 before his WWE exit in 2019. While Carter managed to pick up a huge victory over Ambrose on a RAW episode on February 4, 2019, the former WWE Champion got his win back the following week.

EC3 fell out of favor with Vince McMahon following the defeat and was later relegated to the 24/7 title picture before getting released.

Ethan Carter admitted that being on Vince McMahon's 'sh*t list' was a nightmare and briefly spoke about his second WWE stint, as you can view below:

"Oh yeah, it's a nightmare. I was on the sh*t list for probably what? (laughs) Because the guy I am wrestling with is leaving the company? Like, it's insane and perplexing." [2:15 - 2:30]

You can check out the video below:


EC3 and Vince Russo also discussed a few former stars who once had a lot of momentum on TV but couldn't break into the main event scene for various reasons. Rusev was among the names that cropped up as the AEW star's hot run abruptly stopped when he lost to John Cena at WrestleMania 31.

EC3 feels that superstars who lose at the wrong time could also revitalize their careers if they undergo a significant character change. He continued:

"I don't know, but like, Vince, don't you feel that being hot and taking that loss, if you presented yourself as something different the next night, instead of business as usual, if you just brought something different, doesn't that show maybe now this is the real guy we want." [2:31 - 2:50]

Vince Russo responds to former WWE star EC3's question

"Rhea Ripley is a beast, she is a freak, she has the potential to be a huge star."On our recent special edition of 'Legion Of RAW',former #WWE writer @THEVinceRusso, talks about how much potential #RheaRipley has to become a future MegaStar.Full episode:

While every WWE superstar can return to relevancy with a few creative tweaks, Vince Russo believes giving the talent notable victories at the right time is essential.

Major stars are made in the business if a storyline gets a worthy pay-off. Russo stated that many wrestlers lose steam when they drop matches at critical junctures in a feud. History suggests that several highly rated talents failed to make it big as they fell short when it mattered the most.

The former writer explained his point in response to EC3's comments:

"The problem is when you know the time comes to pay it off, and you don't pay it off because now the fans, now the fans are like, they are done with you. There are times when you've got to pay things off, and if you don't, bro, you're going to lose the fans." [2:51 - 3:13]

Do you agree with Vince Russo regarding the importance of a good-pay in feuds? Sound off in the comments section below.

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