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Gerald Brisco reveals interesting story behind how WWE signed a young Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar
Modified 09 Dec 2020

The legendary Gerald Brisco first worked for WWE as an in-ring performer, before transitioning to a backstage role. Brisco worked as a talent scout for WWE for many years and was the one who spotted and signed Brock Lesnar.

In a recent interview, Brisco gave fans an insight into how he got a young Brock Lesnar signed to WWE.

Gerland Brisco recruited both Brock Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin

WWE legend Gerald Brisco was a guest on a recent episode of WrestlingINC Daily. Brisco spoke about his experience recruiting a young Brock Lesnar to WWE, and how it also led to him signing Shelton Benjamin.

"I was a personal friend [and] I was a teammate at Oklahoma State University and in the same recruiting class as his college coach. I saw Brock when he was a junior in college, and he lost in the national championship, but he was still a beast. He shouldn't have lost, but he did. I got a mental picture of him there of what could transpire, but I knew he was a junior, and there was no way in hell I was gonna call one of my best friends from college and say, 'Hey, I want your guy.' But I think I called Jay [Robinson]. I said, 'Jay, I know Brock is a junior, but I want him for WWE,' and he said, 'I'll tell you what I'll do, if you give me your word, he got one more year here. If you give me your word that you won't distract Brock,' because Jay Robinson told me this himself, 'Brock is easily distracted because he wants to do so many things.'
"As we found out later in life, he jumped from UFC to WWE and back and forth like that. Yeah. He said, 'I give you my word. Next year when he finishes the National Championship, within a week after he wins that National Title, I'll have him in my office, and I'll put you on line with him. And I'll talk to him beforehand. I'll make sure he's nailed out for you before you even call. I might even have a bonus for you,' and he did have a bonus."

The bonus Gerald Brisco was promised turned out to be Shelton Benjamin. Brisco ended up signing both Brock Lesnar and Benjamin to WWE. Bejamin has had a very successful WWE career in his own right, as a former United States, Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion.

Published 09 Dec 2020, 00:55 IST
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