"It was actually going to fly" - WCW legend reveals gimmick he pitched Vince McMahon [Exclusive]

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon

Konnan recently revealed how the Max Moon gimmick from the New Generation Era had actually been his idea. The former WCW star talked about how he pitched the idea to Vince McMahon.

Although the Max Moon gimmick was meant to be for Konnan, the gimmick ended up being given to Paul Diamond after his departure. The Max Moon character ended up being a flop and made only one PPV appearance.

Asked about the Max Moon gimmick he had in WWE, Konnan revealed that had actually been his idea. He's gotten the idea in Japan and pitched it to Vince McMahon, who loved it. Konnan went on to reveal why the idea didn't work and how he ended up leaving WWE:

That was actually my idea. I had actually seen it in Japan and I had told Vince McMahon about it and he liked the idea, you know, because it was really for kids. It was this robot that basically shot confetti, fire and then we were going to do a thing where it was actually going to fly, we were going to put a jetpack on it. It was going to fly from the entrance to the ring and it was just for kids. It would have worked but the thing was I lived in Mexico and they were making the outfit in LA. For example, I'd have to go to LA, pick up all these boxes and then we'd say fly to Boston, unload the boxes, maybe have to drive to like Cape Cod or something, put the boxes in another car, it was just a pain in the a** and at that time I was blowing up in Mexico in this soap opera, so I just stopped showing up for tapings, I fired myself, you know what I'm saying?


Konnan on if Vince McMahon contacted him after his WWE departure

Chris then went on to ask Konnan if Vince McMahon contacted him when he stopped showing up for tapings. Konnan said Vince never did but added that he had met Mr. McMahon backstage a couple of times since:

No, he never did. And I did see him a couple of times backstage and he just shook my hand.

During SK Wrestling's interview with Konnan, he also gave his thoughts on the storyline between The Fiend and Randy Orton. You can check that out HERE.

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