Santos Escobar on a touching moment he shared with his father at a WWE event in Mexico

Legado del Fantasma
Santos Escobar's wrestling tradition is deeply rooted in Lucha Libre

Santos Escobar will always honor his roots in Mexico with Lucha Libre wrestling.

Before signing with WWE in 2019, Santos Escobar lost his mask in a match against L.A. Park at TripleMania XXVI. While he still wears a mask during his entrance, Escobar no longer performs with it on.

SmackDown Superstar Santos Escobar was a guest today on WWE's The Bump to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about the special moment he shared with his father at a recent WWE Live Event in Mexico, Escobar openly expressed how much that moment meant to him.

"This is for me, and my familia knows it. My dad is my hero," Santos Escobar said. "I am molded by him, forged by him. He taught me everything still does that. And that moment right there. That happened because the company allowed me to have it. Triple H allowed me to have it. Road Dogg allowed me to have it. It's a moment that I'm going to carry within my soul for the rest of my life, and so is my dad. I will always pay homage to Lucha Libre, Mexico. My Latino tradition, but mostly my Alpha, where I come from, my true roots, my country, and my dad."
.@EscobarWWE discusses the emotional moment he shared with his father at a WWE live event in Mexico.#WWETheBump

Santos Escobar explains what it means to lose your mask in the world of Lucha Libre

The leader of Legado del Fantasma went on to describe the significance of losing your mask in the world of Lucha Libre and why he still honors the tradition of wearing his mask to the ring in his entrance.

Escobar said the moment with his father is something he'll cherish for the rest of his life.

"And that plays right there is where I lost my mask. And if you know a little about Lucha Libre, which I doubt you do, but I'll educate. If you wager your mask and you lose, you have to take it off and never wear it again. And that's what I did," Santos Escobar said. "And now, when I do, it's just as a tradition. I take it off in the ring, but they're right there. I kneel before my dad took my mask off, and I offered it to him because that was the right thing. That was a tradition. And like I said, I'm gonna take that moment and just cherish it for the rest of my life."
The members of #LegadoDelFantasma may not be related by blood, but they're all connected through lucha libre. #WWETheBump

What do you make of Escobar's comments? Are you familiar with the Lucha Libre tradition of wrestlers losing their masks? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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