"It’s as predictable as the sun coming up" - Eric Bischoff on WWE and AEW's currently declining ratings

Eric Bischoff on the current ratings from WWE, AEW, and more.
Eric Bischoff on the current ratings from WWE, AEW, and more.
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The discussion surrounding the declining ratings of both WWE and AEW has been a hot topic among wrestling fans in recent months. But Eric Bischoff recently shared his view that this debate is much ado about nothing.

On the latest episode of 83 Weeks, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff said he predicted this drop in viewership a few months ago. He made it clear that the current ratings decline should be no surprise to anyone who follows the numbers every year.

"I think [WWE] SmackDown probably lost 100,000 viewers to [NBA] of their regular audience," Eric Bischoff said. "We’ve talked about this on this podcast, I’ve predicted every dirt sheet writer, every headline on the internet is going to say ‘Ratings are plummeting,’ it’s summer time! It happens every f***ing year." (H/t Wrestling Inc.)
"It’s as predictable as the sun coming up, the ratings always go down in a consistent percentage in April when daylight savings time kicks in, weather gets nice and people go yeah, I don’t think I’m going to sit in my house and watch T.V. anymore because I’ve been COVID contained," Bischoff continued. "Or if I’m going to watch wrestling, I’m going to watch it at the bar which by the way, doesn’t have a Nielsen [ratings] box."

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff says wrestling ratings usually decline every summer

Eric Bischoff in WWE
Eric Bischoff in WWE

Eric Bischoff emphasized that COVID-19 can still be viewed as a major factor of this ratings slump. He described how wrestling fans being stuck in their homes for almost a year now want to go out and enjoy the nice summer weather.

As a result, many people who usually watch wrestling might be otherwise occupied with any number of activities. While the return of live fans has been expected to boost TV viewership, Bischoff certainly makes a valid argument.

What do you make of the current ratings trend? Do you agree with Bischoff? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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