"It was a shame" - Kurt Angle on what actually happened in the real fight between Batista and Booker T

Booker T, Kurt Angle, and Batista.
Booker T, Kurt Angle, and Batista.

Kurt Angle opened up about the real backstage fight between Batista and Booker T from 2006 on the most recent edition of 'The Kurt Angle Show' on

A lot has already been said over the years about the incident between Booker T and Batista. Kurt Angle arrived backstage after the fight, but he got all the details of what went down that day.

Batista was having a conversation with a person, and The Animal alluded that he didn't have anyone to work with on SmackDown. Booker T, who was a SmackDown superstar at the time, took offense to Batista's comments and confronted him.

Kurt Angle explained that Batista wanted to work with different stars at a time when WWE struggled with a long list of injured talent.

"I was there after the fight ended, but I heard what occurred. Batista got there for a commercial shoot. We were all doing a commercial. I think it was for SummerSlam, and someone approached him and Batista said, 'When are you coming over to SmackDown because I have nobody to work with,' and Booker took that as, 'Wait a minute, I'm on SmackDown, there are a lot of people to work with.' I think Batista was just saying because there were a lot of injuries going on, it was getting a little bare at the top, and he was just trying to tell the person I'd love for you to come over and work a program with you," Kurt Angle said.

It didn't have to happen: Kurt Angle talks about the misunderstanding between Batista and Booker T


Angle recalled there being no personal animosity between Booker T and Batista, but the former WWE champions eventually did have an explosive showdown.

"I don't think it was anything personal against Booker T or anyone else on SmackDown. So Batista said it, and Booker T confronted him. Now, the situation got hotter because now Booker confronts Batista, makes Batista look like an idiot. Batista yells back at Booker; then, they end up in a fight confrontation. So, the fight occurred," stated Angle.

Kurt Angle recalled that Booker T walked away from the fight with a black eye. According to Angle, Batista was also banged up after the brawl, but the entire incident could have been avoided.

Angle believes the fight happened due to a misunderstanding between Booker T and Batista and that it was a shame that it even occurred in the first place.

Kurt Angle stated that Booker and Batista ironed out their differences and moved on from the whole ordeal.

"I got there afterward, I saw Booker T had a black eye, and Batista was a little banged up, and you know, I just thought it was a big misunderstanding. I know they apologized afterward and made up and whatever they had to do to move on, but I just think it was a big misunderstanding, and they just misunderstood each other about the whole situation. It was a shame; it really was. It didn't have to happen," Angle revealed.

Batista leveled several allegations against Booker T in the aftermath of the fight, but Angle backed the five-Time WCW Champion as a very supportive member of the WWE locker room.

Angle said that Booker T always helped other wrestlers and came up with creative ideas to improve storylines and matches.

"Yeah, that was definitely him lashing out because Booker is the most supportive guy in the locker room. He gives advice. He has incredible ideas for different wrestlers. He is in tune with the company, and he is a great employee," Angle added.

As far as real backstage fights go, Batista and Booker T had just one of many high-profile backstage clashes in the WWE, but what about the lesser-known altercations? Don't worry; we've got you covered.

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