"It was surreal" - WWE veteran D'Lo Brown discloses the 'single greatest achievement of his career (Exclusive)

D'Lo Brown recalled a historic moment from his WWF career

WWE veteran D'Lo Brown has reflected on winning and becoming the inaugural Eurocontinental Champion in history.

During the Attitude Era, multiple wrestlers held both the European and Intercontinental Championships simultaneously. Hence, they were labeled 'Eurocontinental Champions.'

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's latest edition of UnSKripted, Brown recalled a personal moment from his days as both the European and Intercontinental Champion.

"It was surreal, knowing that it was going to be me, the first one. Here's how much it impacted me, sitting back in my hotel room that night, I had double beds, so it was two beds and I remember laying the Intercontinental [and] European belt on the other bed and I sat in one bed and I said, I can't believe, those are with me right now," said Brown.
The four-time WWF European Champion D'Lo Brown,back in 1999.

Additionally, Brown mentioned that it was the greatest achievement of his wrestling career, and he had no other way to describe his feelings toward it.

"Probably the single greatest achievement of my career, one that I'm proud of and forever, my name is in history. I can't say much about it other than, I'm glad it happened to me," added Brown. [8:56 โ€“ 9:30]

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D'Lo Brown on his favorite WWE match of all time

Speaking on the same edition of UnSKripted, D'Lo Brown opened up about his favorite WWE match of all time.

He stated that his showdowns with X-Pac were quite memorable and claimed that the duo didn't have a bad match. Brown said:

"Well, that's a two-fold question. I would say any match I had with X-Pac is one of my favorite matches and then SummerSlam 98', myself-Val Venis, Madison Square Garden, we had twenty minutes to tear up the show."
@JayDubcity16 There was no swag greater than Dโ€™Lo Brown ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Brown also spoke highly of his match against Val Venis at SummerSlam 1998. He added:

"To this day, it's our favorite match individually in our careers. Any match with X-Pac and SummerSlam 98."

Brown was a member of the Nation of Domination faction and held the European Championship four times in the WWF (now WWE).

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