"Our favorite match individually in our careers" - WWE legend D'Lo Brown reveals his favorite match of all time (Exclusive)

D'Lo Brown was a member of Nation of Domination

WWE legend D'Lo Brown recently revealed his favorite match from his illustrous career.

During his time in the WWE (WWF at the time), Brown won the European Championship on four separate occasions. He is also a former Intercontinental Champion.

20 years ago today, January 20, 2003, it was #WWERaw, the night after the Royal Rumble. Teddy Long made his debut as manager by siding with D'Lo Brown.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's latest edition of UnSKripted, the 52-year-old named X-Pac as one of his favorite opponents.

While interacting with Dr. Chris Featherstone, Brown highlighted his match with Val Venis from SummerSlam 1998 at Madison Square Garden. He also praised X-Pac and his matches with the DX legend.

"Well, that's a two-fold question. I would say any match I had with X-Pac is one of my favorite matches and then SummerSlam 98', myself-Val Venis, Madison Square Garden, we had twenty minutes to tear up the show.
To this day, it's our favorite match individually in our careers. Any match with X-Pac and SummerSlam 98'." said D-Lo Brown

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D'Lo Brown was a highly popular star in the Attitude Era

During the Attitude Era, D'Lo Brown was quite a popular figure. He became a member of the Nation of Domination faction and made his debut for the company as a member of Farooq's group.

Brown was stablemates with The Rock, Mark Henry, Kama Mustafa, and Ahmed Johnson in the Nation of Domination. Following the faction's split, he feuded with X-Pac over the European Championship.

AJ Styles x D-Lo Brown. Absolutely bad*ss match. The epitome of the early-TNA era 🔥🔥 (6.4.2003)

The WWF veteran also competed for other major promotions including TNA (IMPACT Wrestling), All Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling NOAH, and Ring of Honor.

During his time with NOAH in Japan, Brown won the GHC Tag Team Championship, which was one of his career highlights.

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