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Name Sean Michael Waltman
Born July 13, 1972
Nationality United States
Height 6 ft 1 in
Family Terry Waltman (m. 1994; div. 2002)
X-Pac: A Brief Biography

Sean Michael Waltman is an American professional wrestler best known for his work with WWF/E as 1-2-3 Kid and X-Pac. He has also worked in TNA and WCW as Syxx-Pac and Syxx, respectively. Waltman is the only person to hold the TNA X-Division, WCW Cruiserweight, and WWF Light Heavyweight Championship. He is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer.

  1. Professional Wrestling Career
  2. Championships and Accomplishments

Professional Wrestling Career

Early Years (1989-1993)

In 1989, Waltman began his career in professional wrestling as The Lightning Kid. He worked for various promotions and won championships before signing with WWF.

WWF/E (1993-1996, 1998-2002)

First Run (1993-1996)

In 1993, after signing with WWF, Waltman went by 1-2-3 Kid when he scored an upset pinfall on Razor Ramon. After becoming 1-2-3 Kid, he began teaming up with Ramon, who took him under his wing. Kid remained a babyface for the next two years and faced Bret Hart for the WWF Championship and lost.

In 1995, Kid turned heel after failing to win the tag titles. Later, Kid joined the Million Dollar Corporation and remained with the group until his departure from the company. Kid missed the Curtain Call during his drug rehab.


WCW (1996-1998)

In September, Waltman made his WCW debut. Later, he announced himself as Syxx and joined NWO. Syxx immediately began working in the cruiserweight division. At SuperBrawl VII, Syxx won the WCW Cruiserweight Championship. After losing the title, Syxx helped Nash defend the WCW World Tag Team Championship under the free bird rule. A few months later, Syxx was injured and left the company.


Second Run (1998-2002)

After WrestleMania XIV, Waltman returned to WWF as X-Pac and joined DX. After his return, he quickly won the WWF European Championship. After WrestleMania XV, X-Pac befriended Kane and won the WWF Tag Team Championship on two occasions. At WrestleMania 2000, Kane and Rikishi defeated Road Dogg and X-Pac.

In 2000, X-Pac continued teaming up with Road Dogg until SummerSlam. At SummerSlam, he defeated Road Dogg. Later, he began feuding with Jericho, where he lost and was sidelined for three months due to an injury. In 2001, X-Pac created X-Factor and won the WWF Light Heavyweight and WCW Cruiserweight Championship.

During the Invasion storyline, X-Factor was disbanded and X-Pac won his second WWF Light Heavyweight Championship. In 2002, X-Pac returned to RAW as a member of NWO. X-Pac wrestled a few matches on RAW before getting injured and leaving the company.


TNA (2003, 2005, 2010)

After leaving WWF, Waltman had three separate runs on TNA. In his first run, he debuted as Syxx-Pac and won the vacant TNA X-Division Championship. In his second run, he received a World and Tag Team Championship match but lost. In his third run, he reunited with Hall and Nash and formed The Band. After a few months, they released Waltman from the company.


Independent Circuit (2000-Present)

Waltman wrestles as an independent contractor for various wrestling promotions. Waltman has worked all around the world and won several championships. In 2019, they inducted Waltman into the WWE Hall of Fame as a member of DX. Next year, Waltman was inducted again as a member of NWO.


Championships and Accomplishments

ChampionshipNumber of Times
BBFW Caribbean Championship1
Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship1
GWF Light Heavyweight Championship2
JCW Tag Team Championship1
MEWF Light Heavyweight Championship1
NWA Heritage Championship1
PWA Iron Horse Television Championship1
PWA Light Heavyweight Championship2
PWA Tag Team Championship1
TNA X Division Championship1
WCW Cruiserweight Championship1
WCW World Tag Team Championship1
WWF European Championship2
WWF Light Heavyweight Championship2
WCW Cruiserweight Championship1
WWF Tag Team Championship4
WWE Hall of Fame2
XPW Television Championship1

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