"It was the worst gimmick I had ever seen" - Kurt Angle shoots on late WWE Superstar's botched match

Kurt Angle is aveteran in the wrestling business
Kurt Angle is a veteran in the wrestling business.

Kurt Angle has been involved in several feuds against wrestlers across many generations. He has shared the ring with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and many more. One of his most memorable opponents was the late-great Eddie Guerrero. On his podcast, Kurt Angle spoke about Guerroro's botched match against JBL at Judgement Day 2004.

Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero have squared off against each other on multiple occasions. One of their most memorable bouts was their WWE Championship match at WrestleMania XX. Latino Heat pinned The Olympic Hero to retain his Championship at the event.

Post his rivalry with Angle, Guerrero moved on to feud with JBL. During that rivalry, Kurt Angle was the on-screen General Manager of WWE SmackDown and ensure to stack the odds against his formal rival when possible. On The Kurt Angle Show, the WWE Hall Of Famer spoke about the infamous blading botch by Guerrero at the Judgement Day PLE in 2004.

"It was the worst gimmick I had ever seen. The worst cut ever. He hit an artery, and it would not stop bleeding. I mean, it was pulsating out, it was horrible. There was so much blood in the ring, and all over Eddie and Bradshaw — it was ridiculous. It was like half the blood from Eddie's body came out of his body. It was crazy." [H/T Wrestling Inc]

Why did Kurt Angle call Brock Lesnar an idiot?

The Olympic Hero and The Beast Incarnate have had a storied past. The two have been the best of friends and the worst of enemies on WWE TV. Every fan remembers their match at WrestleMania that saw Brock Lesnar pick up the win even though he botched a Shooting Star Press.

While in conversation with Inside The Ropes, Angle explained that Brock Lesnar wanted to leave WWE to try out for the NFL. The veteran advised Lesnar against telling Vince McMahon, but Lesnar did anyway. Angle recalls the incident saying:

"We go back. We go to RAW, or SmackDown. We're on SmackDown. He goes up to Vince. Says, 'Vince, I want to try out for the NFL.' I was like, "Oh! F**ck man! He just fu**ed himself." So, next week is WrestleMania and what happened... Brock Lesnar does the job against Goldberg. It would've been the other way if Brock would have smartened up but he didn't because he's an idiot."

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