Ivar admits that 39-year-old star is returning to WWE to ruin his wrestling career again

Ivar joked that a current WWE star wants to ruin his career
Ivar is currently on a hiatus due to injury

WWE RAW Superstar Ivar has stated that a 39-year-old wrestler is coming back to ruin his career again. The person he's referring to is his tag team partner, Erik.

The duo are part of a stable known as The Viking Raiders. Valhalla serves as their manager or valet. Erik has been sidelined with an injury for several months now. Amid his absence, his partner Ivar got a singles push on RAW and NXT. During their run in WWE, they have held the NXT and RAW Tag Team Championship.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet in an interview, Ivar spoke about his singles run and joked that Erik was preparing to return to ruin his push just like how he did when they were in Ring of Honor.

"I joke a lot about this. So we're in Ring of Honor, we got put as a team, we're catching fire, and then he gets in a motorcycle accident and tries to ruin my wrestling career. So now I got to do single stuff in Ring of Honor. So then I get a big push in Ring of Honor, I'm wrestling the main event of the pay-per-view for the title and he returns and tries to ruin my wrestling career again," said Ivar. [22:34-22:55]

Chris Van Vliet then joked that Erik is preparing to return to ruin his career in WWE.

"Yes, exactly, it's all over again, same thing," Ivar agreed. [22:59-23:04]

Ivar doesn't think he and Erik will split up in WWE

A tag team splitting up isn't something rare in professional wrestling. Many fans still remember Shawn Michaels betraying Marty Jannetty and recently, Dominik Mysterio turning on WWE Hall of Famer, and his father, Rey Mysterio.

When Ivar was asked whether he and Erik would ever split up, he stated that they're a package deal and a team forever.

"I don't know, we're a package deal. And just like The New Day's a package deal, I feel like we're a package deal... I don't know, I feel in my heart, we're a team [and] when we're a team, we're in this together. We wouldn't be where we are today without each other and I feel like just like The New Day, we're not going to split up for anything. Maybe each of us has single stuff on the side but we're a team forever," said Ivar. [23:13 - 23:42]

Ivar is also unfortunately currently sidelined with an injury, which means it may take some time before the WWE Universe sees The Viking Raiders in action again.

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