Jade Cargill's immediate WWE future revealed by Triple H

Triple H talked about plans for Jade Cargill in WWE
Triple H (right) talked about the plans for Jade Cargill (left) in WWE.

Jade Cargill has been one of WWE and Triple H's most hyped signings in recent times. Cargill's signing with the company was confirmed in September after weeks of speculation. However, fans are still waiting to see the former AEW star compete in WWE.

After regularly appearing on all three brands and teasing matches with some of the biggest names in the company, the new signee has been absent from TV recently. This has led to the fans being curious about the former AEW TBS Champion's current status as she continues her training at the Performance Center.

Speaking at the official Press Conference after Survivor Series, The Game was asked about the immediate plans for Jade Cargill.

"When she came in, we talked about her development and where she would land but what the development was... I wanna make sure whatever is thrown at Jade Cargill, she's ready. And at no fault of her own, I think she was limited in that, right? So, the idea is, we exposed her, we made her be seen...people are understanding and they're waiting and they're excited for her to come and when she does, it's going to be massive," Triple H said.

While it looks like we might have to wait to see Jade in a WWE ring, the company surely has big and exciting plans for the superstar.

You can check out the post-show Press Conference below:


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