Jake Hager on Chris Jericho being an 'unselfish top guy', WWE underutilizing him, and more (Exclusive) 

Chris Jericho.
Chris Jericho.

Jake Hager is all set for his next MMA fight at Bellator 250, and ahead of the event, Ben Kiely caught up with the AEW Star. During the Sportskeeda interview, the former WWE and current AEW star was asked about his experiences of working with Chris Jericho.

Jake Hager said that the entire wrestling world needs to thank Chris Jericho for his contributions. According to Hager, Chris Jericho is that one unselfish top guy that the wrestling world required to grow.

Le Champion had raised the bar and helped everyone around him, and Jake Hager is learning a lot from the wrestling legend.

Jake Hager on if WWE underutilized him

Hager was also asked about his thoughts on whether WWE underutilized him during his time with the company. Hager, known as Jack Swagger from his WWE stint, admitted that he was mismanaged in his former company, but he couldn't change the past.

Hager felt that the best way forward is to smile and not get upset about what has happened.

Here's what Jake Hager had to say during the interview:

Ben Kiely - Hey, Jake. I ran into you recently with Chris Jericho, and he was full of compliments for you as a wrestler. What he also said was he felt that the WWE severely underutilized you. I just wanted to know whether you agree on that and how have you enjoyed working with Chris Jericho?
Hager: Ah, man! Not only do I need to thank Chris Jericho but the entire wrestling world I feel like needs to buy him a steak dinner. I always said during my time at WWE, it would take one unselfish top guy to change the wrestling landscape, and Chris Jericho is that one unselfish top guy. What he has done is raise the bar and raise the level of everyone around him. I take in everything I can from Chris. I'm always watching him. I'm always learning. It's just such an honor to be able to work with him. To be in the Inner Circle at All Elite. This last year is some of the greatest work he has ever done and to have Jake Hager next to that is really, really an honor. Do I feel like WWE misused me? Of course, I do. But like, nothing I say or do now is ever going to change the past. All I can do is move forward and smile, and sometimes that's difficult, but you know, when you are winning, it's not difficult at all. It's easy not to be upset, still brittle about stuff that has happened. It's time to move on and smile because life is short.

Hager, who is undefeated in MMA, will face another unbeaten fighter in Brandon Calton in a heavyweight contest at Bellator 250.

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