JBL punched a WWE Legend backstage due to the latter having heat over a dangerous spot (Exclusive) 

JBL was one of the many wrestlers who confronted the New Age Age Outlaws
JBL was one of the many wrestlers who confronted the New Age Age Outlaws
Lennard Surrao

Road Dogg recently opened up about the infamous spot from a memorable WWE RAW episode during the Attitude Era. The New Age Outlaws trapped Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) and Chainsaw Charlie (Terry Funk) in a dumpster and pushed them off the ramp on February 2nd, 1998.

The segment caused a lot of ruckus backstage, as revealed by Road Dogg, since other roster members thought the dumpster angle was a legitimate event. Many superstars swarmed Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, and some even began throwing punches.

Brian James stated that he, unfortunately, caught one of JBL's strikes, and it even knocked the tag team veteran's winds out. Here's what the WWE Legend recalled on this week's episode of UnSKripted:

"You know what I remember about that the most is everybody coming out afterward and kind of surrounding us and acting, and I'm talking about the talent and stuff. Acting like we did something really bad, and it got to the point where people started swinging on us, like over people's heads and Bradshaw, like, reached over and knocked the crap out of me," revealed Road Dogg. (24:32 - 24:53)

Road Dogg clarified that Mick Foley and Terry Funk were safe after the dumpster incident on WWE RAW

The six-time WWE Tag Team Champion was surprised by the locker room's reaction to their on-screen actions. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn were extremely cautious while shoving the dumpster off the ledge as Foley and Funk were harmless after the planned bump.

While the situation behind the scenes got a little messy, it was later brought under control, and Road Dogg said it was an enjoyable memory from his long career.

"It got so chaotic that it was like a real event had happened, and I felt like, "Holy crap, did we really do something wrong?" Look, they were safe, there were precautions taken, they were safe," added the former WWE producer. "What I remember about that was everybody coming out about how real it felt after that, and it got to me like, 'Holy crap, I must get out of here.' But yeah, that was a fun part of my career for sure." (24:58 - 25:20)
Every time someone gets thrown off stage, I remember The New Age Outlaws/Cactus Jack & Terry Funk dumpster spot

The veteran has not stepped foot inside the squared circle since 2015. He was recently asked about possibly returning to face two major WWE Superstars, and in case you missed it, here's what the Hall of Famer had to say.

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