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WWE News: Jerry Lawler feels that the WWE will never clear him to wrestle again

The WWE Hall of Famer believes that he will never get another match in the WWE despite having competed elsewhere since his heart attack.

News 16 Mar 2017, 03:19 IST
Jerry Lawler has been in the wrestling business since 1970

What’s the story?

Jerry Lawler has revealed on his “Dinner With The King” podcast that he feels the WWE will never clear him to wrestle again.  

Lawler suffered a heart attack while on air during Monday Night Raw in the fall of 2012 but has continued to wrestle on the independent scene since.

In case you didn’t know...

Jerry Lawler has been in the wrestling business for nearly 50 years now as he made his debut in 1970 in the southern wrestling territories of the NWA.

He’s most known for being the colour commentator alongside Jim Ross during the WWE Attitude Era, but before that, his claim to fame was his famous feud with comedian Andy Kaufman.

The heart of the matter

The WWE definitely wants to play it safe with Lawler who is now 67 years old, especially since he had suffered the heart attack live on air. The situation is very similar to Daniel Bryan’s.

The WWE will not clear Bryan to wrestle, but other independent doctors have cleared him to be able to wrestle.

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Lawler, in the podcast, would go on to say that if the WWE would allow him to wrestle one more match, he would love to do so against Dolph Ziggler.

Last year, Lawler interviewed Ziggler in the ring on an episode of SmackDown LIVE. It would get physical when Dolph got agitated with Lawler calling him a loser, further pushing Ziggler’s heel turn in the WWE.

What’s next?

It has been confirmed by Lawler himself that he will participate in the two-hour kickoff show for WrestleMania 33. In addition to the pre-show, Lawler will also call one match on the main card, but that match has not been revealed yet.

Author’s take

Being 67 years old, if Lawler gets the 100% confidence from a trusted doctor that he is okay to be competing in the squared circle, then, by all means, he should continue to do something he loves.

At the same time, you cannot blame the WWE for not wanting to clear Lawler either. If they allowed him to wrestle and something like his heart attack from five years ago happened, there would be a lot of criticism thrown WWE’s way for having allowed him to compete.

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