Jim Cornette says WWE star will be a "real main event player" if he improves his promos

Jim Cornette has constructive criticism for a SmackDown star
Jim Cornette has constructive criticism for a SmackDown star

Former WWE manager Jim Cornette thinks that Karrion Kross should improve on his promos as it seems like he's reciting them.

Kross is currently in a feud with former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. The two former NXT Champions will face each other at this month's Extreme Rules Premium Live Event in a Strap match.

Cornette recently reviewed last week's SmackDown show on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, where he commented upon a backstage segment by Kross. The wrestling veteran thinks that the main factor in Kross becoming a huge star in the company will be his ability on the mic.

"Whether he becomes a 'Superstar' or not, they're going to put him in the main event. He's going to be a main event guy, whether he becomes a real main event player and a 'Superstar' depends upon whether he develops the ability to do these promos, like the spooky video that they did. Whether he can do these promos in this style with no script, sound it like he really means it, it's him, it's coming off the top of his head - that's going to be the difference," said Cornette. [From 3:19:17 to 3:19:50]

He continued:

"The spooky video and the atmospheric entrances, and all the different ways they're presenting him, that's great, they're fine. But, when he verbally delivers, like he did in this video package, verbally it sounds like he prepared these remarks and he's reciting them." [From 3:19:52 to 3:20:15]
⏳ Karrion Kross gets the last laugh.@realKILLERkross | #SmackDown

Cornette feels that Kross is better at delivering promos than a lot of the others on the roster, but feels that there's still work to do.

Karrion Kross' current run in WWE so far

Karrion Kross & Scarlett made their SHOCKING return on #SmackDown as Kross laid out Drew McIntyre & Scarlett placed the hourglass in front of Roman Reigns! 🤯#WWE

Kross attacked Drew McIntyre on his return to WWE in August, a year after the company released him.

The former NXT star and his partner Scarlett were also ringside during McIntyre's match with Reigns at Clash at the Castle in Wales.

Scarlett also got involved in the feud between Kross and McIntyre when she tried to throw a fireball at the Scottish star on SmackDown.

It will be interesting to see what happens for both these stars after their current feud and if one of them will go on to face Roman Reigns in the future.

Are you excited for Drew McIntyre's clash with Karrion Kross? Leave a comment below.

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