Jim Ross picks WWE Superstar over Kenny Omega as the best wrestler currently

Jim Ross and Kenny Omega
Jim Ross and Kenny Omega

Randy Orton is one of the greatest professional wrestlers to ever grace the WWE ring. He is a 14-time world champion and a third-generation wrestling talent. A veteran of the locker room, The Viper has been working with WWE for close to 20 years.

Despite being in the business for this long, Randy Orton has always managed to stay relevant by constantly improving his character work. His feud with Edge and then Bray Wyatt received praise not only from within WWE but outside it as well.

In fact, AEW commentator Jim Ross recently claimed on Grilling JR that Orton is the best professional wrestler in the business today. JR went so far as to suggest that he may be better than even Kenny Omega.

JR admitted that while he hasn't seen Randy Orton's work on WWE TV as closely as he used to, he still thinks there is no one better.

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"I don’t think anybody is any better than Randy Orton in the wrestling business. Of course that’s so subjective. I love Randy’s work, although I don’t watch it regularly enough to make a great evaluation. In the last several months that I have tuned in to watch some of Randy’s segments, he doesn’t disappoint. No matter how the creative is packaged to him, he doesn’t disappoint," said Jim Ross. (H/T: SE Scoops)

Jim Ross would further state that there are fans of Kenny Omega who would disagree with his opinion, but he has no intention of arguing with them.

"I’m sure there’s Kenny Omega fans out there that would say Omega is the best wrestler in the world. Some will, and they got the right to their opinion and I’m not going to argue it," added Jim Ross.

Randy Orton and his new partner Riddle could be entering a feud with The New Day on WWE RAW

There can be no denying that Randy Orton can make any storyline he is thrown into special. He has been doing it for weeks on WWE RAW and even brought attention to a floundering storyline with The Fiend.

Now, Randy Orton finds himself in an unlikely tag team with Riddle. The two, who now go by the name of R-K-Bro, are extremely entertaining and have been undefeated in the two matches they've had so far. There are even reports suggesting that they could win the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship in the future.

It looks like the two could be entering a feud with The New Day, as tensions have been rising between the four men following a few awkward encounters over the past few weeks.

Orton has already faced and Kofi Kingston in a singles match, and his partner Riddle will face Xavier Woods this week on WWE RAW.

Do you agree with Jim Ross's assessment? Let us know in the comments section below.

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