Jimmy Uso hilariously broke character mid-WWE match to check his brother was ok after brutal headbutt

Jimmy Uso still cares about his brother.
Jimmy Uso still cares about his brother.

Jimmy Uso and his brother Jey are currently on opposite WWE brands and kicked off this year's Royal Rumble match. The duo is expected to collide in a singles match in the coming months. Despite being in the midst of their own storyline, it appears that the two brothers still care about each other's welfare.

As part of The Royal Rumble match last month, Jey Uso was brawling with Ludwig Kaiser when The Imperium member delivered a headbutt. The blow was so hard that his brother Jimmy Uso was forced to come over from the opposite side of the ring and check on the star.

The video below shows Jimmy Uso looking as though he was stumbling backward so that he can pick Jey up from the corner and check to make sure the headbutt didn't cause any lasting damage, as pointed out by several WWE fans online.

Of course, Jey Uso was fine despite the brutal collision and was able to outlast his brother in the match, even though neither man was able to win book their place in the WrestleMania main event.

Will Jimmy and Jey Uso collide at WWE's WrestleMania XL event?

This is the question that has been on the lips of WWE fans since Jey Uso made the move over to the RAW brand last year. The former champion has been working alongside Cody Rhodes and could be pulled into the current storyline between the American Nightmare and The Bloodline.

Uso has an Intercontinental Championship match against Gunther next week on RAW, which could ensure him a place on the WrestleMania card if he is successful. If Uso is unable to overcome The Ring General, the feud between him and his twin could be revisited, and the two men could finally have that long overdue singles match.

There have been rumors that their father, WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, could be returning to be a special guest referee for the match if it takes place at WrestleMania in April.

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