John Cena's "one-person" Mount Rushmore features surprising WWE name

John Cena reveals his Mount Rushmore of pro-wrestling
John Cena reveals his Mount Rushmore of pro-wrestling

WWE icon John Cena recently made a bold statement about former Chairman Vince McMahon.

A while ago, in light of an investigation into a multi-million dollar hush money scandal, McMahon announced his retirement, thus leaving the wrestling world in utter surprise.

WWE veteran John Cena recently appeared at Comic-Con Wales. The 16-time world champion engaged in a Q&A session with fans and answered several questions.

One fan asked Cena to share his Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling. In response, Cena showered major praise on Vince McMahon.

"That's a great question. I would change the monument, right. I would make it a one-person statue, and the face would be Vince McMahon," he said. [12:27-12:36]

Vince McMahon has always held John Cena in high regard

Cena made his WWE debut in the spring of 2002. In just four years, Cena became a legit megastar and was the top face of the company. He went on to win the world title on 16 occasions, thus tying Hall of Famer Ric Flair's record for most titles.

Back in 2019, Vince McMahon shared his views on Cena and had the following to say:

“You have to start with the quality of the human being. John is an extraordinary human being; he’s honest, he’s loyal. He’s full of himself, too. But he’s like a throwback to the type of individual it’s difficult find these days, someone with old-fashioned values," McMahon said. "In addition to that, he’s a Neanderthal when it comes to strength. No matter how good you are as a human being, you need talent. You could tell that John had talent – very raw talent, mind you.” [H/T WrestlingInc]

Cena is no longer an active WWE Superstar but has made it clear that he isn't done with pro wrestling. His fans would love to see him break Flair's record of most world title wins somewhere down the line.

What do you think of Cena's Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling, which only includes Vince McMahon? Sound off in the comments below.

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