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WWE News: John Cena spotted wearing a unique Christmas sweater, by a fan

John Cena once again becomes a victim of bad fashion choices

John Cena will return to WWE SmackDown Live on 27 December

WWE Superstar John Cena was recently seen at a local restaurant on Christmas Eve in Boston, having breakfast with girlfriend Nikki Bella.

He was spotted by a fan at the restaurant. However, the fan seemed to point out a unique sweater that Cena was wearing. It seemed to have a reindeer passing through the WWE superstar’s torso.

The fan snapped a picture of the 15 time World Champion and sent out a tweet. The tweet has blown up across social media and has over 24,000 retweets at the time of this writing. Many fans even commented that it was the ‘best ugly sweater ever’.

The Leader of the Cenation has always been a victim of memes and puns directed at him and this incident will bring Cena no respite.

He is scheduled to make a comeback to WWE programming this Tuesday night at SmackDown Live. The card for this Tuesday’s SmackDown is fully stacked, featuring three title defences.

Also, Cena’s return coming just a month away from the Royal Rumble is a means of sending out signals that Cena is coming back for the gold. There is not much that Cena has not achieved in the WWE and ‘The Champ’ will now look to equal Ric Flair’s record of 16 World Championships.

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There are rumours of Cena facing AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship. He might then go on to defend the WWE title against the Undertaker in a career vs. title match at WrestleMania. 

WWE might decide to go in another direction and include Cena in the Royal Rumble match. If Cena does go on to win the Royal Rumble match, he would equal Stone Cold Steve Austin’s record of three Royal Rumble wins. 

Last week, WWE had released a vignette on their official YouTube channel to hype the return of ‘Mr. Hustle Loyalty and Respect’.

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