Former WWE Superstar teases uniting with Asuka for Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament

Will The Empress of Tomorrow find a tag partner for the upcoming tournament?
Will The Empress of Tomorrow find a tag partner for the upcoming tournament?

Asuka would love to have another run with the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships, but she needs a partner to make that happen.

The Empress of Tomorrow has held these titles with Charlotte Flair and Kairi Sane at different points in her career. After the announcement of a tournament for the vacant titles, it seems that the Japanese star is intent on claiming them once again.

The RAW Superstar took to social media this weekend to let the WWE Universe know that she will hold the Women's Tag Team titles once again but wants to know where her partner is:

"I will be the tag team champion again!!!! But where is my partner? *face with peeking eye emoji*," Asuka said in a tweet.

This tweet has turned into a back-and-forth exchange between Asuka and her former Kabuki Warriors tag team partner Kairi Sane. When asked where she was, Sane tweeted back:

"I...I'm here! *face with spiral eyes emoji* *star emoji* *hand emoji* *SOS emoji*"

Unfortunately for The Empress, Kairi is no longer with WWE. After spending much of 2021 as an ambassador for the company in Japan, the former NXT Women's Champion parted ways with WWE in December. Earlier this year, she rejoined her home promotion, World Wonder Ring Stardom.

Who will Asuka find to be her tag team partner?

With Kairi Sane seemingly tied up in Stardom and Charlotte Flair absent from WWE programming since WrestleMania Backlash, it appears that Asuka will have to find a new partner if she wants another shot at the tag titles.

Last week on WWE RAW, common ground was found between The Empress of Tomorrow and Alexa Bliss as they were attacked by Bayley's new stable at the conclusion of their match.

They also came out together later in the show to help even the odds for RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair. If the Japanese star wants in this tournament, perhaps her best shot will be none other than Little Miss Bliss.

What do you make of the exchange between The Kabuki Warriors? Is there any chance that Kairi Sane could return to WWE? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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