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WWE News: Kane speaks out against Donald Trump protesters

Kane talks about the futility of protests and demonstrations against President-elect Donald Trump.

The Big Red Machine went political on the Fox Business Network

Aside from being one of the biggest legends in the realm of professional wrestling, Kane is also known as one of the best minds in the business. Actively involved in libertarian politics, he has stated several times that he wishes to run for office, some day in the future.

As America reacted to their new President-elect WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump, Kane and Dolph Ziggler appeared on ‘Kennedy’ on the Fox Business Network and discussed the protests.

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When told that the protests had caused over a million dollars worth of property damage, Kane had this to say:

“You go out and show the world that you’re extremely angry. Hey, guess what sunshine? No one cares!”

While 112 protesters were taken into custody, it turns out that at least 79 of them did not vote. A visibly hassled Kane weighed in on the situation:

“You were talking about the people that didn’t vote.

Unfortunately, you’re always going to have those folks that anytime there is trouble they are going to be attracted to it. I’m more interested in people that are actually genuine in their protesting.

For me it’s like- what are you trying to accomplish?”

Much like his gimmick, Kane showed no mercy

Kane went on to add:

‘If you want to do something constructive, get out of your echo chamber, get off Facebook and Social Media where everyone is talking about the same thing that you agree with. Stop denigrating and screaming at people you don’t agree with.

Go talk to your neighbor who maybe voted for Donald Trump. What you’re going to find is that they're not a homophobe racist bigot. What they are is a common, hard-working, decent person who’s fed up with a permanent Washington political overclass.”

Dolph Ziggler too added his thoughts to the situation, saying that many people were protesting simply to say that they were on social media.

Looks like the WWE locker room does not shy away from speaking their mind on political issues. We wonder what Vince McMahon thinks about the same. 

Kane is one of the most recognisable names in professional wrestling, having spent two decades in the industry. 

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