Karrion Kross shares a scary message for his opponents after training with former WWE Superstar

Karrion Kross
Karrion Kross is a former NXT Champion

Karrion Kross has shared a scary message for his future opponents after training with a former WWE Superstar. This is none other than Kaval, aka LOW-Ki.

Karrion Kross was known as one of the most destructive NXT Champions in history. However, his main roster call-up was anything but good. He lost his debut match to Jeff Hardy before being released by the company.

When Triple H took over and brought Karrion Kross back, it looked like his fortunes might change. While he has picked up some key wins on SmackDown, his run has been lackluster at best.

The former NXT Champion is in hardcore training mode after his recent losses. He recently posted a picture on his social media that showed him alongside former WWE Superstar LOW-Ki.

It looks like the two of them had a productive training session.

"Good day at the office. New stripe. A little more lethal and a little more harder to kill than yesterday. Thank you to all of my training partners @rudos_bjj," Kross wrote.

Maybe some extra training sessions are what Kross needs to go back to his dominating ways.

Jim Cornette said that Karrion Kross is done after his recent loss to AJ Styles

Kross faced AJ Styles on the SmackDown before Night of Champions, where he again ended up on the losing side, which made one WWE veteran wonder what went wrong with his character.

Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the WWE veteran spoke about Kross' gimmick and wondered where it all went wrong for the former NXT Champion.

"After the entrance, Kross is f***ing done. Remember when he was interesting and it goes down to the hair I think, I don't know why. But at one point he was interesting and seemed like something and now he looks good physically, he does s**t. It's just it doesn't [connect], it's boring, what's missing, what's happening here? [...] Is it that people have heard those promos that he's just monotone, droning on, it doesn't connect because it's so phony? Is it the hair that made him look not intimidating?" Cornette wondered. [0:29-1:31]


Kross definitely has the look to be a bonafide star in WWE, but he has to figure out how to get the fans to rally behind him.

Do you think Karrion Kross is done in WWE? Sound off in the comments section.

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