Kevin Dunn's replacement gets massive praise for WWE's "new and fresh" look from legend (Exclusive)

Triple H and WWE producers backstage at the Royal Rumble.
Triple H and WWE producers backstage at the Royal Rumble

WWE is in a transition period following Kevin Dunn's exit after helming the company's TV production for decades. However, the former WWE executive's replacement is already receiving praise, as Bill Apter recently commended the production tweaks that have improved the shows' quality.

After Kevin Dunn's WWE departure, the company announced that Lee Fitting would take over the media and production duties. Fitting worked in ESPN for several years and joined pro wrestling with an excellent reputation. Thus far, he has certainly lived up to it.

On this week's episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's UnSKripted, Bill Apter pointed out that the on-screen presentation of WWE already looked different in the post-Kevin Dunn era. Apter was personally a fan of Bronson Reed's video package that played during his entrances, but that was just among the many unique aspects of World Wrestling Entertainment's revamped production.

The Hall of Fame journalist liked the overall changes he had witnessed and was excited to see the product evolve under a different vision:

"What you can do there is, I don't know if you caught it, I was watching Monday Night RAW. That promo for the entrance of Bronson Reed is one of my favorite things, where he is knocking over the buildings. Whoever the ESPN person [Fitting] is that took over from Kevin Dunn, he is doing a great job. It's a new, fresh look. Kevin Dunn's stuff was brilliant. This is another thing," said Apter. [From 24:30 onwards]

All eyes are on Triple H and his team building toward WrestleMania 40, which could be one of the most star-studded events in years.

The Rock is a heel, Roman Reigns looks like his sidekick, and Cody Rhodes still wants to finish his story with the help of an unlikely ally in Seth Rollins. Add in Lee Fitting's highly acclaimed production style, and it is a great time to be a pro wrestling fan.

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