"He said, 'Go f**k yourself'"- Kevin Nash on Scott Hall refusing to wrestle current AEW star at WrestleMania

Kevin Nash recalls Scott Hall refusing to wrestle a current AEW star at The Show of Shows
Kevin Nash recalls Scott Hall refusing to wrestle a current AEW star at The Show of Shows

Kevin Nash recently reacted to legendary WWE manager Jim Cornette's past comments about the infamous Curtain Call incident.

The Curtain Call incident took place at the iconic Madison Square Garden in May 1996. The moment saw The Kliq breaking character in the ring, with all members embracing each other as fans cheered for them. The incident left Vince McMahon fuming, and Triple H took the fall over the same.

Jim Cornette has opened up in the past about the incident in question. The WWE veteran stated that Vince McMahon still has The Kliq's WrestleMania payoffs. He added that if it had been for him, they wouldn't have gotten their salaries for any WWE live events that they were owed at that point.

On the latest edition of his Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash reacted to Cornette's comments about being against giving The Kliq their owed paydays. Nash pointed out that Hall didn't even work at WrestleMania that year:

"Jim is a really great guy. I guess he didn't have the foresight that the three of us did, Triple H would someday be running the WWE. Secondly, Scott Hall didn't work WrestleMania. He said, 'Go f**k yourself,' and Goldust had the O.J. Simpson-Roddy Piper match. I would have deposed Vince and with Shawn as my witness, along with Pat who was in the room, gotten Vince's, 'If you guys wanna do it, if it means that much to you Shawn.'"

Kevin Nash also made it clear that he didn't break any rules that night and that WWE wouldn't have been able to hold his payday:

"I didn't break any fuc*ing rule, I did what I was told to in the ring as far as the finish. So, no you could not hold my fu**ing pay back. And if it was Jim, if it wasn't Vince... I mean, it wouldn't have been Jim. I mean it's very easy to bark at the 6'10'' fu**ing prick when you're not involved in it, but no, I went out and did a clean job for 'Taker and worked my a** off' in that match," he said. [2:02-3:22]

Kevin Nash has the utmost respect for Jim Cornette

Kevin Nash was quite civil while responding to Jim Cornette's comments about the Curtain Call incident. The former WWE Champion has had nothing but praise for Cornette in past interviews.


Earlier this year, Kevin Nash shared his honest thoughts on Cornette and called him a smart guy. Nash also stated that Cornette knows the pro wrestling business. Judging by Nash and Cornette's comments on the Curtain Call, it's quite clear that their viewpoints over the incident are the complete opposite.

As for Hall skipping WrestleMania 12, he was supposed to finish off his feud with Goldust at The Show of Shows but refused to compete and the match was nixed as a result. Goldust went on to wrestle WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper at the mega event.

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