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WWE News: Kevin Owens reveals why Ryback lost the title to him, gives insight into salary

Rohit Nath
5.88K   //    12 Nov 2016, 16:06 IST
Kevin Owens may not have won the Intercontinental Championship as early as he did

In a French interview with Télé-Québec of Canada, and revealed two extremely interesting things that have never been addressed:

Owens was asked about the importance of following the script. He said that the reason he won the Intercontinental Championship because the then-champion Ryback said something in the ring that Vince McMahon didn't like. As a result, he punished him by making him lose the title to Owens the next week at Night Of Champions.

Here is the finish to the above-mentioned match which saw Owens win his first championship in the WWE:

Owens and Ryback continued their feud, but Owens seemed to be the guy Vince chose to invest in going forward.

In the interview, they proceeded to discuss salary. The Prize Fighter said that the biggest chunk of his salary came not only from merchandise sales but also from Pay-Per-View buy rates/bonuses. He admitted that a PPV like Hell In A Cell would net him around $40,000-$60,000.

He said that he hasn't been in WWE for too long and that people with more experience were likely to make more than that.

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One of the interesting factors now about the buy rate system and bonuses are the shifts in it. Now that the WWE Network provides two PPVs a month at a rate of just $9.99, the Pay-Per-View buy rate has gone down significantly, simply because the Network is a far better deal.

There have been reports which have stated that WWE will not be going by the two PPVs a month system anymore, as it seemingly led to lesser subscriptions rates. From next year, the WWE is expected to return to having one Pay-Per-View per month.

Also, next year will be the first time ever that the month of March will have a non-Wrestlemania PPV. Fastlane is set to be held in March but it is not known whether it will be a Raw or Smackdown Live PPV at this moment.

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