"I left for a reason" - Killian Dain on if he's open to returning to WWE under Triple H

Would the former member of SAnitY be open to a WWE return?
Would the former member of SAnitY be open to a WWE return?

Many former WWE Superstars have returned to the company with Triple H in charge; could Killian Dain also make a return?

The former Killian Dain, best known for his run with SAnitY, was released from his WWE contract back in June of 2021. His wife, Nikki A.S.H., is still a member of the women's roster on Monday Night RAW.

On the other hand, Dain has gone on to find great success outside the company and is currently the PROGRESS World Champion.

Big Damo was the latest guest on the Cultaholic Wrestling podcast to discuss various subjects. When asked if he was open to returning to WWE with Triple H now in charge of things, Damo played coy with the trusty "never say never" approach.

"Never say never. I know it's a cliched response. I left for a reason, there was a difference in what they were looking for at the time," Killian Dain said. "I aged out slightly from what they were looking for. Things have changed. Could that be something down the line? Maybe. Could be something where Sanity could return? Who knows. I love Axel Tischer, I love Eric Young, they became my brothers in the ring and outside."

The former Killian Dain says he still keeps in touch with Triple H

Big Damo revealed that he's still in contact with Triple H following his WWE release and that he loved working under The Game during part of the NXT roster.

"There's always been contact because I got on very well," Killian Dain said. "There is a lot of people in the hierarch there, from the very top to my immediate superiors who are incredible people. I'm very lucky. A lot of them are good people and great at their job. Hunter, I had a great relationship with him, I love working under Hunter. I hope the best for him and we were glad he survived. It was a hell of a health scare. I texted him when the news came out when he was healthy and he was very gracious in his reply, it was lovely. There will always be a line of communication there." [H/T: Fightful]
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What do you make of Big Damo's comments? Would you like to see the former Killian Dain return to WWE in the future? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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