"He lost a lot of money" - Kurt Angle felt bad for legitimately injuring a major former WWE star

Kurt Angle opened up about injuring a well-known former WWE star.
Kurt Angle opened up about injuring a well-known former WWE star.
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Despite his sustained in-ring excellence, even Kurt Angle had a few forgettable experiences, and one of them was when he accidentally injured Hardcore Holly. He opened up about the incident from an old SmackDown episode during this week's episode of his podcast, where he revealed details of Bob Holly's injury.

Holly, unfortunately, broke his arm during a botched moonsault spot, and Kurt Angle felt really bad after the match. The WWE Hall of Famer accompanied Holly to the hospital and regretted putting the former star on the shelf for a few months.

Kurt Angle recalled that Bob Holly took a financial hit due to the injury, and he constantly checked up on the former Hardcore Champion during his hiatus from the ring.

"I felt so bad I went to the hospital with him. After that, I dropped him off at his hotel, and I checked on him for the next three or four weeks to make sure he was okay. You've got to feel bad as a sports entertainer. When you take away money from these athletes by injuring them. I mean, Bob Holly was out for three or four months after that. So, he lost a lot of money that year, and it was my fault. I felt very bad, so I kept checking up on him because I have a lot of respect for Bob, and I like him a lot," revealed Kurt Angle.
Kurt Angle,right before inadvertently breaking Hardcore Holly's arm with this misplaced moonsault,June 27,2000,Hartford,Connecticut.Holly would miss several months of action.

Bob Holly greatly appreciated Kurt Angle's concern as the Olympic gold medalist ensured he kept in touch with the injured superstar.

Hardcore Holly has had a few significant injuries during his career, and he had an awful encounter with another WWE Superstar. While Kurt Angle tried his best to take care of Hardcore Holly, another undisclosed name who also injured Holly did not react similarly:

"Bob told me that. A couple of years after that, he told me it meant a lot that I actually stayed with him at the hospital. I dropped him off at the hotel and kept in touch with him. He actually told me another story; I'm not going to say who; he said I was injured another time, and that person never even called me, contacted me, didn't even take me to the hospital. Didn't do anything. He said I appreciate what you did for me, and I was very grateful for that," Angle added.

Kurt Angle details what happened in his match against Bob Holly

Have a Hardcore Holly Christmas.

Kurt Angle and Bob Holly's SmackDown match from 2000 went along just fine until Angle decided to attempt a moonsault for the first time in his career.

Angle had never practiced the move before and misjudged the landing while he was perched up on the top rope. He launched himself off the turnbuckle and his shins collided with Bob Holly's wrists at the time of impact.

Despite suffering a gruesome compound fracture, Hardcore Holly completed the match and Kurt Angle was in awe of his rival's toughness.

"I was going to do my moonsault for the first time in my career, and I never practiced it. Bob and I were in the ring, and I knocked Bob down, and I went up to the top rope to do the moonsault, and Bob was a little further out than I expected, and when I went, I wrongly gauged the amount of distance I had to go, and my shins ended up hitting his body instead of my stomach. So, my shins hit his body, he put his hands up to block the blow, and my shins hit his arm—compound fracture right through his wrist. I mean, his arm was hanging. It was really bad. He is such a badass; he finished the match. We had another ten minutes left. We finished the match, and you could tell his arm was broken," Angle stated.

Stories such as these prove why Kurt Angle continues to be one of the most respected stars in professional wrestling history.

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