"You're going to pay the price eventually" – Kurt Angle says WWE doesn't credit him for his work

Kurt Angle is a former 6-time World Champion!
Kurt Angle is a former 6-time World Champion!

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle said WWE doesn't credit or appreciate his work as they do with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Rock.

Steve Austin and Dwayne Johnson are two of the biggest Superstars in WWE history. Another star who stood out during the Attitude Era and helped usher in the Ruthless Aggression Era was Kurt Angle. He accomplished much more in his first two years than most did in their careers.

Angle left the company in 2006 due to health reasons and became the face of TNA (IMPACT Wrestling) by the end of the year. Speaking to Steve Fall on NBC Sports Boston, he explained why his work with WWE isn't credited the same compared to stars like Steve Austin and The Rock:

"No, I don't, but there's a reason for that. You know I left the company high and dry in 2006 and didn't come back for eleven years. You know when you leave a company like that and you know they wanted me to stay. It was, you know, you're going to pay the price eventually. So I was in TNA longer than I was in WWE, so that has a bearing on this as well. So I feel even though I'm a WWE product, that's where I started and that's where I ended. I think WWE looks at me as a TNA product and that's the reason why." (from 6:42 to 7:23)

Kurt went on to explain why he hasn't been added to any highlight reels:

"Yeah, you know what, in my first two world titles, I beat The Rock and I beat Stone Cold Steve Austin. So those are two formidable names and it's surprising that I'm not in a lot of highlight reels, but, like I told you, there's nothing I can do about it." (from 7:42 to 7:58)

There have been rumors of the difference in treatment received by homegrown talent and wrestlers from other promotions in WWE. It was interesting to hear this personal experience of it expressed by Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle on why he didn't sign with AEW

Kurt Angle has won over 13 World Championships between WWE and IMPACT Wrestling. He has been an integral part of the rise of TNA and has many highlights from his wrestling career with the promotion. An upcoming promotion like AEW would benefit greatly from the Gold Medalist.

In the same interview, the 53-year-old revealed that he was offered a contract by Tony Khan. However, this is what Angle had to say about the offer:

"Well, you know what, they actually wanted me to wrestle in particular. Tony Khan gave me a call, wanted me to wrestle. They offered me a pretty good deal, but I just can’t do it anymore... They did offer me two different times, and they did want me to do an on-camera personality as well, or a non-wrestling role. I actually turned that down as well. I just wanted to start up my supplement company, so I wanted to put more time into that," Angle said. [H/T SEScoops]
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It would have been interesting to see Kurt Angle in the ring again. Given his recent knee surgery and subsequent official retirement, it is best that the 53-year-old doesn't get physical inside the squared circle.

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