"Worst idea" - Kurt Angle on WWE legend asking fans to show their breasts during a show

Kurt Angle wasn
Kurt Angle wasn't impressed with a way a fan situation was handled

WWE legend Kurt Angle has said that it was the wrong decision by Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler to ask fans to show their breasts on an episode of SmackDown in 2000.

On The Kurt Angle Show podcast, Angle reviewed WWE's Unforgiven 2000 pay-per-view, where he faced Triple H.

It was revealed on the show that women in the stands were showing their breasts on a few shows of RAW and SmackDown, which caused a commotion in the stands resulting in fans losing interest in the match.

Angle faced Eddie Guerrero in a match on SmackDown a few weeks before his match at Unforgiven. Lawler told fans during a commercial break that they had two minutes during the break to show off their breasts. Angle felt that wasn't a good decision by the Hall of Famer.

"It was the worst idea in the world for Jerry Lawler to have fans show their puppies. Whether it's during the show or during commercial break, that's when the fans don't get involved the match anymore. They're more interested in seeing naked women in the crowd - and I don't blame them for that [laughs]. The thing is, it's something that we tried, it was the wrong thing and we didn't do it anymore after that," said Angle. [9:50-10:12]
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The match between Angle and Guerrero was the main event of the show, which was won by the Olympic gold medalist.

What happened in the match between Triple H and Kurt Angle at WWE Unforgiven 2000?

The no disqualification match between Angle and Triple H was the penultimate match of the Unforgiven pay-per-view.

At Unforgiven 2000 from Philadelphia, Triple H def. Kurt Angle w/ Mick Foley as Special Guest Ref

Mick Foley, who was the Commissioner of the company, announced during the show that he would be serving as a special guest referee for the match.

Triple H had Stephanie McMahon in his corner for the match, and she played a big part in The Game's win over Angle. Stephanie landed a vicious low blow on Angle which allowed Triple H to hit the Pedigree and win the match.

What was your favorite memory of Triple H and Kurt Angle's feud in WWE?

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