Lawyer starts petition to ban Jon Moxley's popular move 

Jon Moxley.
Jon Moxley.
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The storyline between MJF and Jon Moxley progressed on the latest episode of AEW Dynamite. MJF's ongoing campaign against Jon Moley hit somewhat of a roadblock as the AEW World Champion laid out the #1 contender with The Paradigm Shift. As revealed by MJF's campaign manager Nina, 'Candidate Friedman' was rushed to a nearby medical facility following the attack by 'dictator Moxley.'

MJF's lawyer, Mark Sterling, has now started a petition on to ban Jon Moxley's finishing move.

Mark Sterling issued a lengthy statement on calling for the ban of The Paradigm Shift and the threat that it posed on his client's physical well-being.

Given below is an excerpt of the statement:

My client is calling for a ban of Jonathan Moxley's move The Paradigm Shift. The sole purpose of this high-risk move (double underhook DDT) is to drive an opponent's head into the mat. Professional wrestlers on the receiving end of this move are subject to unacceptable levels of risk as it relates to spinal, neck and/or brain injuries. My client has stated on the record his plan to be the top guy in professional wrestling for the next 25 years. This can only be achieved, however, if my client is able to participate in wrestling matches in a professional environment with an acceptable level of risk. For the aforementioned reasons Jonathan Moxley's use of The Paradigm Shift must be banned, effective immediately. Please sign this petition to make sure that your voice is heard. Help us as we continue to demand that All Elite Wrestling's leadership recognize the safety of its performers is of paramount importance. Demand change now. Because we all deserve better: today, tomorrow and for the next 25+ years. Sincerely, Mark Sterling

The AEW World Title feud between MJF and Jon Moxley


MJF will take on Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship at All Out on September 5th, and the petition, as well as MJF's campaign, are all part of the elaborate storyline that has been booked for the title feud.

MJF cut a promo on the latest episode of Dynamite and provided the reasons why he should be the next AEW World Champion and why the fans deserve a better titleholder than Jon Moxley.

Moxley's music hit and MJF ordered his people to go up to the stands to prevent Jon Moxley from coming to the ring. Mox was one step ahead as he entered through the curtains and blindsided MJF. The champ hit his All Out opponent with The Paradigm Shift to end the segment.

Are you into the AEW title feud between Jon Moxley and MJF? Let us know your thoughts on the latest storyline developments in the comments section.

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