Legend doesn't know why CM Punk is so over; comments on if WWE will cut its losses with the injured star

CM Punk has not wrestled since Royal Rumble 2024.
CM Punk has not wrestled since Royal Rumble 2024 [Image source: WWE on YouTube]

CM Punk has unfortunately not been able to wrestle much since his WWE return, leading many to believe that he is injury-prone. While speaking on his podcast, Dutch Mantell shared his thoughts about The Second City Saint and his future in the company.

Punk is currently out with a triceps injury, though this isn't the first time he's been hurt since his return to the ring for AEW. Phil Brooks had his fair share of troubles in his former company, and sadly, he tore his triceps at Royal Rumble 2024, seemingly leading WWE to change its WrestleMania plans.

During a recent Q&A session on Story Time with Dutch Mantell, the wrestling legend was asked whether WWE should consider giving up on Punk due to his apparent injury struggles.

Mantell began by honestly claiming he didn't know the reason behind Punk's exceptional connection with the audience.

"Well, it's going to take a little longer. CM Punk, to me, I don't know why he is over so much. I really don't quite get it, but he is [over]. So, if he is, he is! People like this guy. He has a connectability [sic] to the fans, and you can't deny that." [53:35 - 54:00]

Dutch Mantell said CM Punk was a "great athlete" who would remain valuable to WWE as long as he stayed fit for extended periods.

The former WWE manager continued:

"He is actually a great athlete, and the people respond to him. But the question was about his physical condition. There is nothing you can do if he doesn't stay healthy." [54:37 - 54:57]

Dutch Mantell says CM Punk has a bright two years ahead of him in WWE

As of this writing, a feud against Drew McIntyre is the most significant thing CM Punk would look forward to after his eventual in-ring return.

The former AEW World Champion and The Scottish Warrior have masterfully crafted a great rivalry without CM Punk being cleared to compete. However, even beyond McIntyre, Dutch Mantell believed WWE had several fresh opponents lined up for Punk.

The wrestling veteran imagined the company to be creatively equipped with enough angles to keep Punk busy for another few years.

"Him having the accident bug or the injury bug; I hope he gets over that because there is a lot of money in CM Punk because they've got a lot of opponents lined up for him. He is set now for the next two years, anyway, if he stays healthy. If he can stay healthy, and even if he doesn't stay healthy, he is still going to end up in a commentator's job or something else." [54:05 - 54:36]

For someone who was away from the WWE for nearly a decade, Phil Brooks certainly has a plethora of opponents to face until he is an active performer.

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