Liv Morgan must get a new bodyguard to protect her from Rhea Ripley, says WWE legend

Rhea Ripley is currently out with an injury [Image credits: stars
Rhea Ripley is currently out with an injury [Image credits: stars' Instagram handles]

A WWE legend suggests Liv Morgan should get a new bodyguard to protect herself from Rhea Ripley after she kissed Dominik Mysterio on RAW. The legend being referred to is Bully Ray.

On last week's edition of Monday Night RAW, Liv Morgan locked horns with Becky Lynch in a Steel Cage Match. During the last stages of the bout, it looked like Lynch was going to claim back the WWE Women's World Championship. However, the match ended in Morgan's favor after a "mistake" from Dominik Mysterio.

Following the bout, Liv Morgan kissed Dominik Mysterio, and it looked like the latter resisted her. The 29-year-old continued to persuade Dirty Dom on this week's RAW, but she was stopped by his Judgment Day teammate Finn Balor.

During a recent edition of the Busted Open Podcast, Bully Ray suggested that WWE needed to introduce another character in the Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio storyline who could protect Morgan as a bodyguard when Rhea Ripley comes back to television.

"They need to introduce somebody new into the equation as this story goes on. Now who that person is, I don't know. But Liv Morgan at the very last second has to throw a massive roadblock in front of Rhea Ripley i.e. a bodyguard. Here comes Rhea and everybody's going crazy. Rhea is going to get her hands on Liv and then all of a sudden she's gotta hit the breaks because somebody is standing there that Rhea just can't get to Liv. Now Rhea has to overcome that 'bodyguard' esque character and then eventually get to Liv. You layer this up and it's going to tell a great story," he said. [From 15:22 to 16:17]

Check out the podcast below:


WWE personality believes Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan might wrestle in a rare stipulation at SummerSlam

During an edition of the Notsam Wrestling podcast, WWE personality Sam Roberts said that fans might get to see Rhea Ripley vs. Liv Morgan in a Custody of Dominik Mysterio match at SummerSlam.

"If Rhea Ripley is back before SummerSlam and it can lead to a SummerSlam match, like maybe after Money in the Bank? Maybe Dominik [Mysterio] sides with [sic] Liv Morgan at Money in the Bank. That's when Rhea Ripley comes back. The Judgment Day boots out Dominik. Dominik is with Liv Morgan. Now it's Liv [Morgan] vs Rhea Ripley, in some kind of Dominik on a pole match," Roberts said.

It will be interesting to see if WWE will introduce a new "bodyguard" for Liv Morgan to protect her from Rhea Ripley.

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