Liv Morgan reveals if there were ever plans to become Sister Abigail [Exclusive]

Photo Credit: Wrestling Daze YouTube Channel
Photo Credit: Wrestling Daze YouTube Channel
Rick Ucchino

For the longest time now, wrestling fans have been fixated on this idea that a member of the WWE Women's Division would be repackaged and aligned with Bray Wyatt as the new Sister Abigail. Alexa Bliss is the latest front runner in the theory of the month club due to her on going storyline with The Fiend. This time last year though, all eyes were on Liv Morgan.

As we've seen with every passing week, Alexa Bliss is undergoing a change. Every Friday Night on SmackDown we see Little Miss Bliss become more demonic and more entranced by The Fiend. This week we saw him call out to her during her match up with Lacey Evans, which turned out to be not-so-good for the Sassy Southern Belle. She found herself, once again, on the wrong end of a Sister Abigail.

What about Sister Abigail, the person? Or should I say, Sister Abigail, the character? We all saw Alexa Bliss stare down Roman Reigns to close out SmackDown before Clash of Champions. Glaring at Reigns with such hate and disgust, almost as if it was The Fiend himself staring down the man who took his beloved Universal Championship. The future of Alexa Bliss and Sister Abigail, for now, remains a mystery.

Looking back to past theories about Bray's twisted reference character, we now know whether or not there was any truth to the Liv Morgan rumors last year.

Liv Morgan was never in discussion to become Sister Abigail

During the fall of 2019, Liv Morgan was on an in-ring hiatus from WWE. She was very active on social media however, and sent out a series of dark tweets leading up to her return from the company. Those tweets coupled with a creepy doll (that slightly resembled Morgan) used by Bray Wyatt put internet fanboys to work on trying to connect some dots.

Sportskeeda had the chance to chat with Liv Morgan ahead of her Women's Tag Team Championship match at Clash of Champions and she set the record straight for us. There never were any dots to connect.

"I think it's very flattering fanfiction. I, I was never, you know, respectfully, hoping to be Sister Abigail. I was never pushing to be Sister Abigail." Morgan said. "I went away for a while and I'm finding myself and I'm exploring myself and I have all these thoughts and emotions and I'm trying to let people know without literally saying it. And they just, kind of , wanted me to return so bad. I think that that was, they felt that was it. They felt that that was it. That was what I was going to be doing. That's a very flattering, you know, fanfic. But all it is is fanfic."

You can view our entire exclusive conversation with Liv Morgan above. She touches on a number of topics, including her crazy 2020, possible changes to The Riott Squad, and getting another match with Charlotte Flair.

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