Report: Locker room unhappy with WWE's plans for Bad Banny and another rapper (Exclusive)

WWE RAW roster and Bad Bunny.
WWE RAW roster and Bad Bunny.
Lennard Surrao

You know WWE WrestleMania is just around the corner when the talk of celebrity matches comes to the fore. Bad Bunny's Royal Rumble appearance has blossomed into a full-blown angle, and there are big plans for the rapper in the future.

Sources within WWE have told SK Wrestling that Bad Bunny is either at or will be at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Additionally, rapper Bow Wow, who recently expressed his life-long desire to wrestle in WWE, is also expected to be at the WWE PC once he completes his album.

While the development is seen as a significant boost for WWE's social media, it has been revealed that the talents are not happy with the decision. There is concern amongst the WWE Superstars that a lot of time and effort would go into preparing the musicians, which would lead to less effort being put into the 'actual wrestling product.

As things stand, Bad Bunny and Bow Wow are scheduled to make appearances on RAW and SmackDown, and it was noted that anything could happen as WWE follows a fluid pattern of plans.

The source concluded by adding that Bianca Belair's name has been brought up around the entire angle.

Here's what was revealed by the source close to SK Wrestling:

"I'm hearing that Bad Bunny is already at or going to be soon at the PC in Orlando, with Bow Wow expected soon. Bow Wow is wrapping up an album. While this is great news for social media, word has it that actual talent are not impressed by the move. Talent is concerned that time and effort will go into the rap stars, which leaves less effort being given to the actual wrestling product. It hasn't been confirmed, but both of them are scheduled for RAW and SmackDown appearances, but seeing as how WWE plans are fluid, it could be anytime. I'm also hearing Bianca Belair's name floating around the whole arc too."

Possible WWE WrestleMania 37 plan for Bad Bunny


Bad Bunny is currently involved in a storyline with Damian Priest, and the possible plan, as reported by Dave Meltzer in the Newsletter, is to have a tag team contest against The Miz and John Morrison at WrestleMania 37.

Bow Wow is yet to appear on WWE TV as he has just teased the idea of competing in the WWE, and he has already received several interesting reactions from the talent on social media.

While celebrity matches would help get mainstream attention, are the Superstars right in being unhappy over the move? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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