Major former WWE star told Vince McMahon she wanted to be Seth Rollins' manager

Vince McMahon and Seth Rollins
Vince McMahon and Seth Rollins

Chelsea Green has revealed that she pitched the idea of becoming Seth Rollins' valet in WWE. During her brief spell on the main roster, the former WWE star proposed several exciting ideas to Vince McMahon.

Green worked for WWE from 2018-2021, and she spent the majority of her run on NXT. She was briefly called up to the main roster in November 2020, but she broke her wrist during her first match on SmackDown. Green was subsequently sidelined until the company released her the following April.

While speaking on the Ten Count podcast, Green said that she wanted to become Rollins' follower on TV. He played the cult leader gimmick during his run as "The Monday Night Messiah." Many fans will recall that the former WWE Champion's faction included the likes of Authors of Pain and Buddy Murphy as his "disciples."

Chelsea Green was also keenly interested in working with Seth Rollins in the mold of a 90s-styled female manager, as she stated below:

"I wanted to come out with him. I always thought I could be a good valet but also then be able to be in the women's division," revealed Chelsea Green. "I loved the idea of being a really 90s-style valet. So I wanted to come out with him as his follower. His disciple and just basically be like a yes-man, everything that he wanted when he wanted to stir things up in each division."

How did Vince McMahon react to Chelsea Green's pitch to work with Seth Rollins?

It's no secret that every storyline decision goes through Vince McMahon before it gets approved for TV. Chelsea Green explained the new character to him and initially modeled it around a nun.

The angle piqued the WWE Chairman's interest as he asked Chelsea Green to share more details on her vision for the gimmick.

"I first pitched the character to Vince, and I said a nun. I think you just have this; everyone immediately has this thought in their heads about what that is and how that's not going to work," Green continued. "He was like; finally, he kind of laughed and said, 'I need you to explain this for me.'"

Green stated that the motive behind being Seth Rollins' valet was to add another layer to his "Messiah" persona. She visualized having a different look and attitude and was eager to be a supporter of Rollins' movement on RAW.

"I explained like the look I had in mind. The attitude I had in mind," she added. "The fact that it was more of building his following, of everyone following Seth Rollins to the ring. Finally, he's like, 'Oh, okay!' You could see the wheels turning. A lot of the scenarios I pitched were like that. 'Okay, like how could we make this work? Can we make this work?'"

Unfortunately for Green, WWE didn't utilize her creative suggestions. Now, she's enjoying a successful run in IMPACT Wrestling and NWA, among other promotions.

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