Major WWE star’s wife sends message about Bayley following SmackDown

What is Bayley
What is Bayley's situation on WWE SmackDown?

Bayley was deemed the "unsung hero" of the women's division by WWE CCO Triple H in the past, and rightly so. Her current angle, for instance, stands out as a very compelling one.

At Survivor Series, she took a bullet for the team inside the cage. Despite that, the rest of Damage CTRL may be growing tired of their leader. Especially with The Empress, Asuka, being the latest addition to the faction, it is safe to say that The Role Model is slowly losing her grip. Be that as it may, she has other things to worry about as well.

SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis took an RKO from Randy Orton on Friday night during the closing moments of the show. While Aldis constantly brought it up on social media, Bayley's "Dude, get over it," may have annoyed him.

He responded to the post with a gif of a person taking notes. His wife, former WWE Women's Champion Mickie James, chimed in on X:

"Babe. Try not to be mean to Bayley. She’s my favskis. She’s just hot rn. That’s all," James wrote to Nick Aldis.

James is currently taking time off from IMPACT Wrestling and was not included as an active competitor on their roster. She is regularly cited by many as one of the pioneers of women's wrestling in WWE. A return to her previous stomping grounds may not be out of the realm of possibility.

"BayleyIsHot" started to trend on social media after she reacted to a WWE fan

A fan posted a picture of a sign that read "Bayley Is Still Hot," revealing that The Role Model tore his original one during a live event in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The 34-year-old star responded to the tweet with the following:

"Hey @WWE I think I’m gonna need personal security for dis lil flirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are you, 5?!???!!! #BayleyIsHot," she wrote.

Damage CTRL's situation will be an interesting storyline to follow on the Road to WrestleMania 40. As for now, Asuka has responded to them ignoring The Role Model on the latest edition of SmackDown. Check it out here.

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