Matt Cardona reacts to being asked why WWE Hall of Famer is "so jealous" of him

Matt Cardona takes an amusing jibe at WWE Hall of Famer
Matt Cardona takes an amusing jibe at WWE Hall of Famer

Matt Cardona had a hilarious reaction to being asked why WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray is jealous of him.

Both men have been feuding on social media for a while now. The two wrestlers are set to settle their differences at Battleground Championship Wrestling's A Tribute To The Extreme event on December 17, 2022.

Cardona recently did a short Q&A session on his official Twitter handle where a fan asked him why Ray was jealous of him. The former WWE star had an amusing response to the question. Check it out below:

"Because I have more Mattel figures than him," Cardona wrote.
Because I have more Mattel figures than him…

Bully Ray didn't mince his words while taking shots at Matt Cardona

As noted earlier, Cardona has taken several jibes at Ray over the past few weeks, and the latter has returned the favor on various occasions.

Here's what Bully Ray had to say about Matt Cardona while speaking with NBC Sports Boston:

"Personally, I think Cardona is ducking me because he talks a lot of sh*t on social media about how he's this 'hardcore' guy just because he wrestled in garbage bag GCW, which is one of the worst ECW rip-offs I've ever seen in my life, and all of a sudden he's this hardcore guy. You've never seen Cardona in the ring with a true hardcore guy, a true extreme guy. 'Masters' of the art of extreme. Who have you seen him with? Nick Gage? Oh my god, please. Awful, awful," the veteran said. [H/T Comicbook]
I can’t wait to put @bullyray5150 through a…DOOR!!!

Back when both men were mainstays in WWE, they competed in many tag team matches but never squared off in a one-on-one capacity.

It would certainly be interesting to see the two pro wrestling veterans battle it out on December 17, as they have yet to face off in singles competition.

What are your thoughts on Bully Ray and Matt Cardona's feud? Who will come out on top at A Tribute To The Extreme? Sound off in the comments below.

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