Matt Hardy admits that ex-WWE star was "very challenging to work with"

The tag team legend's most recent WWE stint ended in 2020
The tag team legend's most recent WWE stint ended in 2020
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Matt Hardy recently stated that he found it quite challenging to work with Steve Blackman during WWE's Attitude Era.

The Hardy Boyz fought Blackman a few times in tag team matches from 1999 to 2000. In March 2000, Matt also had a one-on-one bout against the six-time Hardcore Champion on RAW.

Their singles contest was mentioned during The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast this week, and the 47-year-old gave his honest take on wrestling Blackman:

"Steve Blackman was always very challenging to work with, especially coming off all the matches we were having with Edge, Christian, and The Dudleys," said Matt Hardy. [24:32-24:42]

The Hardy Boyz's last tag team showdown with Blackman occurred during an episode of Sunday Night Heat in April 2000, as the latter partnered with Al Snow in a losing effort against the brothers.

Why Matt Hardy felt it was "a lot tougher" to have a great WWE match with Steve Blackman

Steve Blackman was a WILDBOY with the kendo sticks back in the day @WWE

As young talents in the Attitude Era, The Hardy Boyz revolutionized tag team wrestling alongside The Dudley Boyz and Edge & Christian.

The real-life brothers often employed high-risk maneuvers and a fast-paced wrestling style during their matches. Due to their contrasting techniques, Matt Hardy thought that Steve Blackman did not mesh well with younger stars like him in the ring:

"I feel like we represented that 'young guy' then that had this high work rate and could do all the crazy stuff and all the cool spots, take big bumps, whatever." Hardy continued, "Steve Blackman, for instance, I don't think he was a guy that really meshed well with a guy like me, or with Jeff, or an Edge or Christian. It made it a lot tougher to have a real great match because we were so very different and had different styles in the ring." [24:58-25:21]

Matt Hardy also discussed Vince McMahon's views on tag team wrestling in WWE. You can read more about that topic HERE.

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